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    How to choose the perfect size of your suit

    By DemoneRosso | 03 December 2021 | 1 min

    The suit: the true skin of a rider. A thin layer of leather that protects us from everything. Elements, tarmac and bad thoughts. When you zip it and button it up, there is nothing else but you and your bike.   

    The suit should fit like a glove to be an armor. A few tricks can help you making sure that the fit is perfect and that your suit is comfortable, protective and, most of all, the right size.  


    • First of all, there is a difference between 1-piece and 2-piece suits: essentially, the 2-piece suit has been developed for road use. Its fit and pre-curved shape are meant for this specific purpose, with a more standing and relaxed riding position. The 1-piece suit, instead, has been designed particularly for the racing position. Angles of arms and legs are sharper and it is naturally bent forward, so it is more comfortable and avoids to wrinkle once laying on the tank fairing.   


    • You should always try your suit in the riding position: it is normal that it puts some pressure on the upper part when you wear it for the first time in a store. The reason is simple: the suit should be comfortable while in riding position, not standing.   
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    • Once worn, you should check that leather wrinkles are reduced to a minimum. These could create undesirable friction in case of accident and trigger dangerous tumbling. Moreover, a suit that is too big does not ensure the correct positioning of all the protectors inside of it.


    • Elastic panels, often considered as less relevant, are instead fundamental for the perfect fit of a suit. Placed on the back and on knees, these should always be slightly stretched. This ensures two aspects: wrinkles mentioned above are avoided, yet the suit is still able to follow the body’s gestures once riding.  


    • You should take into consideration the fact that, once usedleather becomes looser and more comfortable. Hence, it is normal that it fits slightly tighter when it is new


    • Always remember to try it with your boots and gloves. The perfect integration is fundamental for optimal control of your bike.  


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