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    From MotoGP to the America's Cup

    The Dainese safety jackets for Emirates Team New Zealand’s champions
    Motorbike / Tech

    What's a helmet made of?

    Carbon and leather, fibers and thermoplastics: shells and their materials from the early days until now
    Motorbike / Inspiration

    I caschi di Vale: Winter Test 2005

    Valentino talks about the helmet he wore for the winter tests after his sixth title
    Motorbike / Tech

    Dainese Facts: Full Metal 6 with Nico Ceregini

    The MotoGP glove, explained by a motorcycling legend
    Motorbike / Tech

    D-mobile: the MotoGP safety laboratory

    Dainese and rider support at World Championship circuits
    Motorbike / Inspiration

    I caschi di Vale: Sepang 2003

    Valentino Rossi talks about the special livery created to celebrate his fifth world title
    Motorbike / Tech

    Dainese Custom Works

    The birth of a unique suit
    Motorbike / Tech

    The art of cleaning your leathers

    10 advices on how to maintain your leather at best
    Motorbike / Tech

    The care of your helmet

    5 advices to keep it shining and ready for your best days
    Motorbike / Inspiration

    Color your Dainese Custom Works suit with your kids

    Download the original designs and create your unique leather suit!