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    Joan Mir's secrets: MotoGP equipment technology

    By DemoneRosso | 02 January 2022 | 1 min

    Joan Mir’s racing equipment can be purchased by all motorbike riders
    All the gear is put to test by MotoGP riders, world’s most demanding testers
    New solutions are improved at the racetrack, in the most extreme conditions
    From head to toe, maximum protection gives confidence to push to the limits

    Is it really possible for any rider to make use of the same technology and protection as professional world championship riders? 
    The fact is, on the racetrack, 2020 World Champion Joan Mir wears kit that is available to all, from head to toe. 


    A revolutionary helmet 

    The Pista GP RR is the helmet worn by all AGV riders. The Pista GP RR is unrivaled in terms of its impact protection, weight, aerodynamic penetration, wide field of vision and ventilation. Development carried out by the AGV R&D department has allowed Pista GP RR to pass the rigorous tests required for FIM certification already in its standard version, with no need for any modification. An FIM-certified racing helmet that is for sale in stores and available to all.  

    Prior to the 2020 MotoGP World Championship, the Pista GP RR helmet, in its various evolutions, had already reached the top step of the podium on several occasions. Firstly in 2013 with Pol Espargaro in Moto2, then in 2017 with Mir in Moto3 and Morbidelli in Moto2, and in 2018 with Francesco Bagnaia in Moto2. In 2020 Pista GP RR is the fastest helmet in the ultimate motorcycle championship.

    futuro quadro

    AGV Pista GP RR

    The 100% carbon-fiber racing helmet used by MotoGP™ riders.



    Superior airbag protection  

    Back in 2007, Dainese was the first manufacturer of suits and protections to bring an electronic airbag system to World Championship racing, with 125 riders Simone Grotzkyj Giorgi and Michael Ranseder. Eleven years later, in 2018, the system became mandatory and riders across all classes had it integrated into their leathers. But in actual fact, the D-air® system was regularly used by all Dainese riders even before it was required by the regulations, as it was perfectly integrated into the garment, to the point of being imperceptible in the saddle. 

    The suit worn by the world champion is the Mugello RR, the latest and most advanced evolution of Dainese D-air® track suits. The airbag device ensures intelligent protection, its sensors detecting data 1000 times per second and therefore allowing the electronic control unit to activate the protection only when needed. The D-air® Racing system covers the shoulder and collarbone area, inflating when necessary in a uniform and controlled fashion, thanks to the microfilament technology that makes up the airbag. The shoulders, elbows and knees are shielded with rigid composite protectors. At the points most exposed to impact, titanium plates on the outside of the suit facilitate sliding and prevent the triggering of any dangerous rolling in case of a fall.   


    Mugello RR D-air®

    Quite simply, the most advanced race suit in Dainese history.
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    Protected hands  

    Full Metal 6 is the most sophisticated hand protection for motorcycling, developed together with the best MotoGP riders. It makes use of cutting-edge materials such as goat skin on the palm for maximum softness, carbon fiber and titanium on the back for maximum protection, and aramid fiber in the seams for abrasion resistance against the asphalt. The sleeve and finger area are preformed to follow the natural curvature of joints in the riding position. This is essential to reduce fatigue and optimize performance. In this way, the rider does not have to strain the wrist and fingers in order to bend the glove and grip the handlebars correctly.  


    Full Metal 6

    The motorbike gloves with superlight strength and protectors in carbon fiber, titanium and aramid fiber.
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    MotoGP at your feet  

    In the late ’90s, Dainese introduced the first motorcycle racing to be worn inside the suit. Slimmer, lighter and more aerodynamic, it not only offers better impact protection, but also helps prevent those much-feared fractures and sprains. The top-of-the-range Axial D1 boot incorporates the Axial Distortion Control System, an ergonomic, jointed carbon fiber structure that is built into the boot and guides ankle movement. 

    The Axial Distortion Control System prevents any uncontrolled movement of the joint, thanks to the rigidity resulting from boot-suit integration. Any lateral twisting or hyper-extension is prevented by a system that serves as a true ankle brace.  The lower section and tibia protection are made of carbon fiber and aramid fiber for maximum lightness and protection. All in a slim, lightweight boot that reduces weight at the extremities and optimizes the aerodynamic performance of the rider-bike package.  


    Axial D1

    Axial D1 Boots are the latest evolution of the ultimate Dainese track boot. Designed to be worn under leathers
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    From head to toe, every enthusiast can wear the same gear as the world champion. Everyone has their own goals and limits to measure themselves against, and it is only in the safest possible conditions that we can reach and exceed them.  

    Harness your full potential, without needing to think about anything but performance. 



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    Pista GP RR

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    Mugello RR

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    Full Metal 6

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    Axial D1

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