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    Travel around town without hiding your personality

    By DemoneRosso | 10 February 2021 | 1 min

    Sports motorcycles and leather garments go hand in hand in the motorcycle world
    If you take a few precautions, the home-work commute can become a true riding experience
    A leather jacket and full-face helmet are the perfect protective elements for everyday travel
    The back protector is an essential device, not only on mountain roads, but also in the city
    Motorcycle jeans may look like a casual garment, but they come with the protection of a technical product
    Gloves and certified footwear complete the outfit of a sporty commuter

    Do you have a sports motorcycle in the garage? Do you want to use it to get around town every day? Don’t be discouraged, as with just a few precautions you can show off your style in the city, too, while enjoying comfort and protection.


    Full-face is best

    Whether you ride a 200 horsepower super naked or a smaller, lighter motorcycle, full-face helmet is often the best option. A modular helmet is always a valid alternative, but if your ideal outfit includes a sporty leather jacket, then a full-face is better. AGV K6 is the perfect example of a helmet to suit all uses, whether you’re moving around the city or enjoying a Sunday ride.

    AGV_K6-34 (1)


    K6 is a versatile sports helmet and many of the technical solutions that AGV used in designing it derive directly from helmets used by MotoGP™ professional riders. Consider the ventilation system for example, with three openings on the front of the shell, positioned in the area where air exerts the most pressure, for a cool and ventilated helmet in every situation, even at low city speeds.  

    Another example is the visor, which boasts an extremely wide visual field, 190° horizontally and 85° vertically. A solution developed on track to keep adversaries in plain sight proves perfect for the urban environment, where it is good to keep a close eye on pedestrians and drivers, for maximum safety.







    Our sports leather 

    Leather, we were saying. The oldest and most noble material. The leather jacket is a distinctive garment for any motorcycle rider, even when the motorcycle is not around. When in the saddle though, this personal armor takes on crucial importance, even on the shortest journeys. Wearing a jacket with a sports cut and the most innovative protective solutions is, in fact, the best guarantee of safety.  

    Safety that does not discount comfort in any way. The most advanced leather jackets feature elasticated inserts at key pointsIntrepida is a shining example of this, a clever blend of leather and stretch fabric offering unique comfort and a perfect fit regardless of movement. The leather itself is then treated by Dainese in a unique way, with techniques developed over almost fifty years of experience in the sector. Thin and elastic, it combines race protection and the perfect ergonomics for everyday use.

    AGV_K6-4 Additional-images_600x800_Sport_1



    Protective equipment

    A jacket and helmet are essential but still not enough. Being a motorcycle rider is about more than just protecting your head and wearing shiny black leather. Initially used by professional riders, the back protector has long been recognized as an essential item of protective equipment. A protector like Pro Speed concentrates technology developed over decades of high-level racing into just a few grams. Its construction is based around a layer of EPP, conceptually similar to the EPS of helmets, superimposed on an aluminum honeycomb, very light and extremely resistant. Its perforated structure allows optimal heat exchange in all situations, even when temperatures are high and speeds relatively low. It is available in a standard version, with suspenders, and in a pocket version, to be inserted in a dedicated housing inside the jacket, for maximum practicality in daily use.



    _MG_9972 _MG_9787

    Everyday garments that make the difference

    Jeans, gloves and certified shoes are the other items you should always wear when riding a motorcycle. Motorcycle jeans are now comparable to normal casual garments in terms of their appearance and comfort, but are infinitely superior in terms of protection. They are made of an abrasion-resistant aramid fiber fabric, while the knees incorporate rigid or soft protectors, which can be removed for maximum comfort throughout the day. 

    Then we have gloves, which can save our hands. Even in the case of a minor fall, the hands are particularly exposed, because we instinctively use them to protect ourselves. To complete an everyday sports outfit, there's nothing better than a short glove with hard protectors on the back. Carbon fiber, a material so advanced one might think it is only used on track, features in fact on many products for everyday use.  

    And last but not least, shoes. Without even thinking of falling, our feet purposely touch the ground as we move around the city, and so we have certified shoescomfortable and light enough to wear all day, but able to make the difference in case of any unexpected hitches.





    And then the backpack

    Sports motorcycles and sports jackets have their downside. How do we carry everything we need? The pockets of leather jackets are not very spacious, as you know, and we don't even want to think about a top box or bags on our motorcycle. The answer is simple, a compact backpack, big enough to hold everything we need for a day out. So we don't have to leave anything behind due to lack of space. 


    Style, protection and practicality are not mutually exclusive, quite the opposite in fact. And herein lies the beauty, as we can play with combinations and create our own perfect outfit, making sure that our clothing reflects our spirit. If we feel sporty on the inside, heading the “wrong” way won’t affect our mood. A helmet, leather jacket, back protector and everything else is all we need to turn the ordinary urban commute into an opportunity to enjoy our passion.


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