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    A guide to the features and advantages of helmet communication systems and a recommendation on which one to choose for motorcycle travel

    By DemoneRosso | 10 July 2023 | 1 min

    Think about it – how many times have you found yourself riding in company and how many alone? Some riders like to go it alone, sure, but what’s more satisfying? And even on solo journeys, you will have ended up making friends, starting relationships or just chatting with perfect strangers. A motorbike is always a great excuse to meet new people. But what if you could take sharing further?  

    One way is the intercom, a tool most people know about because it lets riders and passengers communicate with each other. But it’s also something more, as we’ll see. It consists mainly of a module that can be installed on the helmet, where the controls are, and a microphone between mouth and chinguard. Its shape, volume and weight are of course the result of in-depth studies and are homologated through strict tests to ensure that they don’t affect the level of protection guaranteed by the helmet.  

    Here, we want to explain why traveling with an intercom can be a good idea and which model to choose for your travel helmet.   

    AGV Insyde
    AGV Insyde

    You communicate as you ride 

    As we said before, the first undeniable advantage of traveling with an intercom is being able to talk to each other when riding. And that’s not something to take for granted, because otherwise all communication has to wait for the next stop. The intercom, on the other hand, allows you to communicate not only with your passenger but also with your fellow riders (if they also have intercoms, of course). From a change in route to a stop to fill up or just an anecdote about a place you’re passing through, you can exchange more information on a motorcycle trip than you might imagine. All of the above examples also apply when it comes to talking to a passenger.  

    You follow the navigator 

    Something not many people consider when they think about intercoms is the option of listening to the navigator (connected to the smartphone), without the need to be distracted from riding. That way, the directions come in the form of audio instructions directly inside the helmet, without ever having to take your eyes off the road, all of which aids concentration and therefore safety. 

    You answer calls 

    You should limit phone calls to emergencies only when you’re riding a bike, but you could receive some important calls. With an intercom, you can answer without stopping to take off your helmet. All it takes is a click, just like it does on hands-free systems in cars.

    AGV Insyde

    Integrated intercom communication system for AGV Tourmodular with Cardo DMC™ Mesh Technology. Connects up to 15 intercoms simultaneously, with range of up to 6 km. 


    You listen to the news 

    Another advantage of using the intercom is that you can listen to the radio with real-time traffic and weather information. Always remember to keep it at a reasonable volume so you can clearly hear all the noises from the road. You can listen to music in the same way, even though it’s a practice we don’t recommend, because it tends to isolate us from our surroundings and take our attention away from riding. 

    AGV INSYDE and Tourmodular, the winning combination 

    Now you’ll appreciate why traveling with an intercom is an attractive option. But which should you choose? If you’re not familiar with it yet, we recommend you take a look at the new AGV INSYDE, designed specifically for the Tourmodular helmet, the flagship touring helmet when it comes to safety and comfort. It could really be what you’re looking for, the latest innovation in the field of intercoms through DMC Dynamic Mesh Communication technology, exclusively developed by Cardo. 

    Compared to the classic Bluetooth connection, Dynamic Mesh Communication technology ensures audio quality and stability at surprisingly superior levels (the volume is automatically adapted according to external noise) and can connect up to 15 riders, within 1.2 km of each other, up to a total of 6 km. And communication is always guaranteed. Unlike Bluetooth technology, when one or more riders join or leave the channel, the communication continues in a linear way without being interrupted. It’s also compatible with all devices that feature Bluetooth technology, so if you’re the only one in the group without it, you won’t be left out. And in terms of aesthetics and aerodynamics, the module is practically invisible, because of thoroughly studied integration into the shape of Tourmodular. 


    In conclusion, you will have realized that an intercom is a very powerful tool for sharing, not just a tech gadget. It lets you communicate with your fellow riders, listen to directions and more besides. It’s a series of conveniences that can considerably enhance the joy of traveling in company. 



    AGV Insyde

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