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    All the secrets of Sea-Guard, the Dainese protective jacket chosen by the America’s Cup defenders

    By DemoneRosso | 11 March 2021 | 1 min

    The speeds reached by 36th America's Cup racing yachts call for matching levels of protection
    Both the reigning champions and the Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli challengers rely on Dainese for their back and chest protection
    The New Zealander Emirates Team New Zealand opted for a Sea-Guard jacket that favors freedom of movement
    Emirates Team New Zealand chose Dainese as their partner to protect their heads too, with the Oceano Concept helmet

    To safely steer the boats competing for victory in the America’s Cup, the amount of protection required needs to match the speeds reached when racing – close to 50 knots, almost 100 kilometers per hour. To achieve this, the Emirates Team New Zealand defenders turned to Dainese, just like the crew of Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli did, to create a jacket developed specifically for the most extreme races in the world. 


    Flexible and resistant protection 

    Sea-Guard is an innovative protector, designed to be worn on America’s Cup sailing yachts. It protects ribs, collarbones and back, the areas that Dainese already knows how to safeguard, owing to the experience gained with MotoGP™ professional riders. However, unlike the protectors integrated in racing suits, here the protective panels are made of soft material, a solution that offers excellent impact absorption and flexibility, leaving athletes free to move unimpeded when on board a ship. What makes Sea-Guard unique and distinguishes it from any other sports protector ever made by Dainese, is that the jacket is certified for buoyancy, as expressly required by the regatta regulations. 


    Perfection is in the detail  

    The version of Sea-Guard worn by Emirates Team New Zealand is made of Dainese technical fabric, which is particularly light and breathable. Elastic and resistant, it’s perfect for guaranteeing safety and giving athletes maximum freedom of movement in all situations. The model chosen by the New Zealander team has a short slit at the front: a choice that favors practicality and freedom of movement. An oxygen cylinder, an essential aid in emergency situations such as capsizing or falling overboard, is stored in a recess on the right side.  

    AC ETNZ making of 1_Featured Image_1054x550_2020

    The making of Emirates Team New Zealand’s Sea-Guard

    Here's how 36th America’s Cup defender’s protection comes to life

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    The helmet: the Dainese Oceano Concept 

    To ensure maximum safety on board, the Emirates Team New Zealand crew members chose a Dainese helmet developed specifically for sailing that was built on the experience gained with Ski World Cup athletes; the helmet integrates an intercom system, essential for communications between crew members and with the race direction. Its graphics feature the iconic silver fern and have been curated by Aldo Drudi, the graphic wizard who, for years, has been behind the most beautiful liveries on the helmets worn by Valentino Rossi and the World Championship stars. 
    From chest to head, the America's Cup title defenders rely on Dainese to be safe on board increasingly faster sailing yachts. Just like the Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli team who, except for the helmet, have customized Sea-Guard to suit all their needs. A totally innovative garment, worn by both teams competing for the America's Cup title, and perfect to guarantee the confidence that is needed to express oneself to the fullest, even in the most extreme regattas in the world. 



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