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    Be ready for anything on track with a few essential accessories

    di DemoneRosso | 30 June 2020
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    You're preparing everything you need for a track day. The helmet, a distinctive element for every rider, deserves a bag of its own. But what to put in it? Here's a brief guide to ensure you leave nothing to chance and are ready on track and in the garage, whatever the conditions. 


       1. Spare visor 

    While a dark visor is the best solution in most situations, it's always a good idea to have a clear one with you too. In case of changeable weather, a clear visor offers better visibility and is essential for maintaining high-level performance on track. 

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       2. Pinlock 

    The Pinlock is an accessory that is as simple as it is useful. Applied to the inside of the visor, it creates a chamber that prevents any fogging. It is therefore essential when it rains or in low temperatures. 


       3. Tear-offs 

    To avoid having to stop and clean the visor mid-session, tear-offs are a quick and effective solution. They also help to prevent any scratches on the visor, thus extending its lifespan. 


       4 and 5. Cloth and detergent 

    Whether or not you are using tear-offs, it's always good to clean your visor between one session and the next. A microfiber cloth and a delicate detergent are more effective than a damp piece of tissue paper.   

    pulitore panno

       6. Earplugs 

    Often overlooked by newbies, earplugs are an important item to remember when heading out on track, and are also useful for those who cover long distances on the highway. They significantly reduce wind noise in your ears, improving your concentration, energy and level of comfort.  


       7. Lubricant for the visor mechanism 

    A small bottle of lubricant can be useful when the visor opening/closing mechanism starts losing a little of its smoothness after many sessions of use. A couple of drops will have it working like new again. 


       8. Air vent plugs 

    If you have a racing helmet with non-adjustable air vents, always remember to bring rubber plugs. These can be really important if temperatures are lower than expected or if it rains. 

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       9. A spare interior kit 

    During a summer track day in high temperatures, a second interior kit can be useful so that you can enjoy the feeling of a dry helmet all day long.  


       10. Helmet 

    Having prepared all your accessories, don't forget the helmet! 


    Whether you're an expert rider or heading out on track for the first time, the accessories needed for a successful track day are the same in terms of helmets or leather suits and accessories. And if we haven't been on track for a while, we might be a bit rusty when it comes to packing our bag, struggling to remember what we really need. So a reminder can be useful, to ensure we leave nothing behind and are ready to give it our all on track. 


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