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    How Dainese protects the fastest skiers in the world

    By DemoneRosso | 11 January 2023 | 1 min

    To be able to perform in extreme conditions, athletes require the best preparation
    The evolution of protectors allows skiers to achieve ultimate confidence on the slopes
    The protectors are designed to offer optimal safety and maximum freedom of movement
    Dainese offers all skiers the protectors used by athletes in the World Ski Championships

    Skiing champions compete in extreme conditions and in the biggest competitions, like the Olympics and the World Cup, fighting for every hundredth of a second against opponents who give it their all to win or reach the podium. For maximum performance in extreme situations, you need ultimate confidence, and this comes from both your training and materials. Safety is essential when descending Olympia delle Tofane or the Streif, and every detail must be scrupulously considered. But the protectors of professional athletes are not as unattainable as their performance. In fact, everyone can wear championship-level protectors on the slopes. 


    A helmet fit for World Champions

    R001 Carbon is the helmet worn by all Dainese athletes. It was born right here, between the gates of the Super G and the Downhill, and developed together with the fastest skiers in the world. Its shell is made of 100 percent carbon fiber and its design is clean, to penetrate the air and maximize performance. Its R001 Carbon structure makes it an extremely protective and lightweight helmet. 


    D-air® Ski: air protection 

    More and more athletes competing in speed disciplines wear Dainese D-air® Ski, an airbag device capable of protecting those areas of the upper body most exposed to impact. D-air® Ski is an intelligent system, which autonomously activates using a series of sensors that detect the skier’s every movement. An algorithm developed over the years means that the ‘brain’ of D-air® Ski is able to identify any dangerous situation and activate inflation of the airbag prior to impact.  

    The airbag features microfilament technology, patented by Dainese, which prevents it from deforming in the event of an impact through even distribution of the air inside and uniform pressure across the entire surface. This airbag covers the chest, shoulders and collarbones, and it is totally imperceptible unless activated. For protection that remains invisible until required.  

    nucleo quadro grande (1)

    Nucleo MIPS Pro

    Ski helmet with lightweight, aerodynamic hybrid construction, designed for maximum protection. With MIPS system, premium micro-metric closure and exclusive racing graphic.
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    Carbon protectors 

    Even the traditional rigid protectors used in racing are the same as those that customers can purchase. Both WC Carbon Shin Guard, the shin protector used in slalom, and WC Carbon Arm Guard, the forearm protector used in the giant slalom, are made entirely of carbon fiber, for maximum strength and lightness.  

    WC Slalom Jacket serves as integral protection for the upper part of the body, specifically the shoulders and forearms. It should be worn together with a back protector, which can be rigid or soft depending on the discipline.  


    Gloves with advanced protection and Super Fabric 

    Gloves are a more complex garment than you might think, and some of their characteristics derive directly from the evolution of skiing over the years. The HP Ergotek Pro features Super Fabric in the finger area, an extremely abrasion resistant and flexible material. Super Fabric is perfect for protecting the hand and does not deteriorate if rubbed against the snow at high speeds, when using the hand as an additional point of contact with the slope for example.  

    The glove, available in standard and mitten version, is made of leather and features metal protectors on the knuckles. Ergotek technology results from research into the gloves of MotoGP™ riders. Those areas most subject to impact have been mapped to develop a new metal protector that offers greater freedom of movement, without affecting safety. 


    Maximum visibility goggles 

    A clear view is the first requirement of every athlete, whether amateur or world championship star. HP Horizon are the most advanced Dainese ski goggles. The Zeiss lens is developed to allow the skier to appreciate the roughness of the track in all light conditions, recognize obstacles, and choose the perfect line in a fraction of a second at high speeds. A perfect view is key in order to avoid being caught unprepared. 


    From the helmet to the D-air® Ski airbag, and from gloves to goggles, all the equipment worn by professional athletes in the World Ski Championships is consistently available to everyone. Confidence on the slopes, as in all sports, comes from an awareness of our own physical and technical means. 


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    R001 Carbon

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    Auxagon Back Protector

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    HP Ergotek Pro Mitten

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    HP Horizon

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