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    Motorbike | How to

    In the saddle, even in summer: technical clothing for hot weather

    The heat shouldn’t see us lower our guard – here are our tips for protecting yourself in the saddle this summer.
    Motorbike | How to

    10 tips to travel in hot weather by bike

    Do’s and don’ts for an enjoyable summer’s riding
    Bike | How to

    Mountain biking in the summer: 10 tips to enjoy your bike in high temperatures

    For some, summer is the best time for MTB riding, while others suffer more from the heat. In any case, here are some tips to help you prepare for MTB rides in the summer.
    Motorbike | Tech

    How the new ECE22-06 motorcycle helmet homologation works

    More tests and stricter standards – here’s how the current standard improves on the old ECE22-05
    Motorbike | Tech

    Valentino Rossi’s 2001 season suit

    History and features of the Dainese suit on the winner of the last 500cc championship
    Bike | How to

    Mountain biking in the spring: what to wear

    The Dainese guide to advise you on how to get ready for cycling in mild temperatures and changeable weather
    Motorbike | How to

    On a motorcycle in the city in the rain and cold

    The essentials for coping with rain and changing conditions on a daily basis
    Motorbike | Tech

    How does certification for motorcycle shoes and boots work?

    Standards, tests and levels. The complete guide to technical motorcycle footwear certification.
    Motorbike | How to

    What to consider before buying a motorcycle helmet – the checklist

    Choosing a helmet is essential for every motorcycle rider. But which one should you buy? Here’s the checklist of factors to consider before getting one.
    Motorbike | How to

    Cleaning and sanitizing motorcycle helmets – where to start and how to do it well

    A helmet is a motorcycle rider’s best friend – here’s how to keep it brilliantly clean at all times.
    Bike | History

    The history of mountain bike protectors

    How Philippe Perakis and Dainese revolutionized the 1990s world of downhill with the first protectors specifically designed for it
    Motorbike | Tech

    Motorcycle pants: Why they’re important and which ones to choose in any season

    Leg protection should not be overlooked: All-round safety and comfort.