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    The highest level of innovation in protective technology allows riders to express their full freedom and performance

    By DemoneRosso | 08 July 2024 | 1 min

    Les Gets, Haute-Savoie (FRA) - During the preparatory runs for the Les Gets Downhill race, valid for the 2024 UCI World Cup, the athletes of the Dainese Pirelli Canyon CLLCTV team tested the prototype of the Dainese D-air® Bike, the first airbag for downhill and the latest evolution of the most innovative protective technology for dynamic sports, invented by Dainese. 

    The Dainese D-air® airbag system represents the highest level of evolution in protection, designed to support athletes and professional riders in high-speed disciplines, from motorcycling to Alpine skiing, as far as gravity MTB, providing the safety for expressing your potential without limits. The electronic control unit featuring accelerometers, gyroscopes and GPS together with a sophisticated algorithm means that the system autonomously recognizes the dynamics of a fall and activates the Shield, the patented microfilament airbag, when needed, protecting athletes against impact.  


    Dainese D-air® has revolutionized protection in dynamic sports – after the first activation in an official MotoGP™ race in 2007, from the 2018 season the airbag became mandatory for all professional riders in the world championship. It was introduced in the FIS Alpine Skiing World Cup in 2016, and from the 2024-2025 season the airbag system will be mandatory for all athletes in Downhill and Super-G World Cup races. 

    At the 2024 UCI DHI World Cup in Les Gets, the athletes of the Dainese Pirelli Canyon CLLCTV team worn the prototype of the Dainese D-air® Bike, the first Downhill airbag system, in an official context. 

    Once again, Dainese is taking innovation to unprecedented levels, to give every athlete the freedom and safety to express their full potential – towards the protection of tomorrow. 



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