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    Dainese Rival Pro brings MotoGP technology on MTB trails

    By DemoneRosso | 28 January 2021 | 1 min

    It is fundamental to protect yourself without feeling constrained. This is not just a matter of comfort: freedom of movement means safety, as it increases control, focus and alertness. The incredible development in materials’ technology in the last years has enabled to find the perfect balance between protection and ergonomics. Solutions that have always been considered separate, such as a safety jacket and a hydration bag, have now been integrated.

    The combination of protection, ergonomics and ease of use has always been important to Dainese, since 1972. The experience gained over 50 years innovating safety on motorbikes has been harnessed to create ergonomic protectors. These help athletes to express at their best, in all sports, and mountain biking, where Dainese has been involved for over 20 years now, is just an example.   


    The solution to any problem 

    You often wonder how to bring enough water for the day. A bottle is not enough and wearing a backpack just for this purpose might be annoying. You usually try to reduce weight to a minimum, placing as many accessories as possible (tube, multi-tool, …) to the bike frame. 

    The solution is offered by Dainese Rival Proa safety vest featuring protectors inspired by auxetic shapes and drawing from MotoGP™ technologies. HumpBack is a hydration bag derived from motorbike riders’ suits. These feature a water bag inside the hump and directly connected to the helmet through the hydration system. Having water or an energy drink always at disposal can be critical, either during a motorbike race, a day on the trails or an enduro competition.  


    Lightness and ergonomics 

    Every detail in HumpBack is designed to ensure maximum ergonomics and the best integration with the rest of the gear. Specifically, great attention has been paid to positioning. The upper part of the back is ideal not only not to bother while using a pouch, but, especially, for the rider’s sake and to unload the weight in the most effective way 700ml capacity is the perfect compromise between lightness and range of use. For example, if coupled with a water bottle, it allows to face long rides without the need to stop for water.  

    Rival Pro is invisible under a traditional mountain bike teeBulk is reduced to a minimum; you will forget you are wearing it.  55% of Rival Pro’s surface is perforated to ensure greatest heat exchange and make it comfortable during the hardest climbs in summer. 


    Rivalborn to protect 

    Soft protectors are placed on the chest and on the back, featuring the Auxagon technology inspired by auxetics natural shapes. Shoulders are covered by Pro Shape 2.0 protectors, the same ones of the Trail Skins Pro range. In additionRival Pro protects collarbones thanks to two soft Crash Absorb pads. Rival Pro meets CE EN 1621.1 and CE EN 1621.2 Level 1 European Certification standards.  

    Rival Vest Pro features an innovative modular structure, which enables to perfectly adapt it to the rider’s needs and optimize integration with the rest of the gear. HumpBack is removable in case you prefer putting the hydration bag in your backpack. The back protector is removable as well, meant for those who usually use backpacks with integrated protectors. Also shoulder protectors are removable, to ensure even further freedom of movement.  



    Rival Vest Pro is the perfect protector conceived for modern mountain bikingincluding long all-mountain rides, days spent in a bike park or enduro competitions. Level 1 certification is combined with unparalleled lightness, breathability and flexibility. HumpBack, the innovative hydration bag derived from MotoGPallows not to necessarily wear a backpack and focus on what really matters: performance.   


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