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    The essentials for coping with rain and changing conditions on a daily basis

    By DemoneRosso | 10 February 2021 | 1 min

    In bad weather, even the short home-work commute can become an adventure on a motorcycle
    Stay focused with a helmet complete with Ultravision AGV visor and Pinlock anti-fog visor
    A jacket and pants with waterproof membrane provide the best insulation against the cold and rain
    Back protectors are essential on any trip and Pro Armor technology has made them imperceptible and breathable
    Certified and waterproof motorcycle shoes are the perfect footwear when spending an entire day out

    Who said the home-work commute can’t be an adventure? It may not be our ideal motorcycle trip, but with the right equipment we can at least enjoy the ride each day. Particularly in the winter season, when weather conditions deteriorate, touring equipment can be an excellent solution on short trips.  


    Safety ahead 

    Modular helmets are designed to offer maximum comfort on any ride, whether this is a handful or thousands of miles, and offer the advantage of a chinguard that can be opened during the hottest days. AGV Sportmodular, the top of the range AGV touring model, makes extensive use of materials and technical solutions developed in the world of racing. It has a full carbon fiber construction, both for shell and chinguard, to ensure incomparable lightness and maximum protection.

    SM-6 Spormodular

    A special feature of Sportmodular is the Ultravision visor, which guarantees an extremely wide field of vision, 190° horizontally and 85° vertically. This solution, tested on track helmets to guarantee riders utmost control, proves particularly useful in an urban environment, ensuring that riders do not lose sight of anything happening around them. A detail not to be overlooked, especially in cold or wet conditions, is the Pinlock, a small visor applied to the inside of the helmet’s visor that can prevent fogging, however bad the conditions.   



    Insulation and comfort 

    Touring garments are designed to ensure long journeys are comfortable and safe, whatever the weather. They are equipped with waterprooflaminated or removable membranes, which protect against the weather to ensure riders reach their destination perfectly dry. Their ability to offer weather protection makes them perfect for riding in any environment, especially when the weather is unstable. If the home-work commute is longer than average, good wind and rain protection is essential.

    _MG_7591 Tonale

    A perfect example of versatility is the Tonale jacket, a garment designed to cover the miles and ideal in all situations thanks to ergonomic studies carried out by Dainese. Its construction, complete with D-Dry® laminated waterproof membrane, means it provides excellent insulation against the cold and wet. And if the temperature rises, the rider can simply open the large air vents or remove the thermal layer. The same applies to the pants as, when you travel by motorcycle in the rain, whether in the city or for just a few miles, there is nothing better than a technical garment with laminated waterproof membrane to keep out the rain and cold.  


    All-round protection

    It’s essential to properly protect ourselves, even when riding to work. Surprises are always just around the corner and you don't need to be hundreds of miles from home to find yourself in a difficult situation. After all, modern protectors such as Pro Armor offer certified high-level protection in just a few grams. The Pro Armor family stands out for its ventilation, perforated over more than 40% of its surface area. With an advanced device like Pro Armor, protection no longer has a downside, as it is lightweight, flexible and breathable. It is available as a classic version with braces or with pockets, and is inserted directly into the special jacket compartment for maximum practicality and freedom of movement every day. 



    Don’t forget the extremities 

    Having suitably protected head, chest and legs, you need to think about your extremities. It is the hands and feet that are most prone to the cold in fact, so don’t overlook them. The motorcycle shoes with waterproof membrane combine everyday style and comfort with the safety of certified footwear, allowing riders to take on all weathers and be comfortable once at their destination.  

    Gloves designed for long-range touring use the most advanced technologies to protect against the cold and rain, just like full jacket-pants suits. In addition to a waterproof membrane, rigid protectors on the back of the hand help protect against the air. Practical Velcro adjustment of the sleeve allows the gloves to be quickly slipped on and off, for maximum practicality in the city.  


    A backpack for every occasion

    Everyday adventures require the space to carry essential accessories and equipment with you, both on the bike and at the office. The waterproof backpacks offer different degrees of capacity and weather protection, so you can safely carry everything you need for a day out in the city. 


    It doesn’t matter if you’re only going to work and not up an alpine pass, every trip is an opportunity to dress correctly and enjoy the ride, even if it’s over just a few miles. Putting on the back protector and jacket and fastening the helmet should be a routine, a ritual that brings us closer to our passion each day. To be enjoyed each day, with no fear of adverse weather conditions.


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