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    How to choose your track helmet

    By DemoneRosso | 03 February 2021 | 1 min

    Picking a new helmet can be as exciting as trickyIt is often not so easy to find your way around what brands are offering. When you evaluate the purchase, you really have to be objective regarding your actual needs: each model is designed and developed with a specific purpose. Here you will find a short guide to understand which elements you should look at in a helmet and what is truly important if your aim is to ride on a track.


    Designed by wind

    AGV racing models are  conceived to enhance track performance. Their shape is designed by wind to optimize air penetration and ensure maximum stability when you lift from the fairing. The design in the wind tunnel and the development of specific spoilers and aerodynamic elements enable to obtain helmets that feature a weight equal to zero at 160 km/h, the average speed on World Championship’s circuits. To reduce stress and increase concentration.


    Protection in extreme environments

    Racing helmets protect the rider’s head in extreme environments. They can resist to forces that are usually not in place in any other use. AGV helmets follow a very strict production process that combines performance, comfort and protection at the highest levels. An important aspect is lightness, not to stress the neck and ensure active safety:  carbon fiber ensures maximum protection and knocks weight down.  


    A shield for your face  

    The visor is an integral part of the protection system, even if it is often considered just a shield for air. AGV racing helmets’ visors are 5 millimeters thicker. Therefore, they represent a true shield for your face, also thanks to the closures that prevent accidental opening.

    Optic Class 1, the same of eyeglasses, eliminates distortion to always have a clear view of what is in front of you. Something unique to AGV helmets is Ultravision, a panoramic field of vision of 190° horizontally and 85° vertically. This unparalleled width enables to keep an eye on anything happening around you, independently from the riding position.  



    AGV Pista GP RR

    Il casco racing 100% fibra di carbonio utilizzato dai piloti della MotoGP™. 


    Ventilation and comfort

    Ventilation is crucial:  openings on the top are positioned where air pressure on the shell is higher, to ensure the greatest air intakeAerodynamic appendixes on the chin guard act as conveyers that channel air inside the helmet while in racing position. To always keep your head at the ideal temperature to the advantage of concentration.

    Thanks to the 360° Adaptive Fit system, which enables to change the thickness of crown, cheek pads and nape, AGV racing interiors are meant to customize fit according to the riding position and style. Materials are made to move moisture away from your skin, for a better comfort during the hardest sessions. To further improve comfort and performance, AGV implemented on racing helmets a hydration system that can be connected to the suit, to integrate liquids during the hottest days.


    AGV racing range brings out to the highest every aspect that can be of benefit on the track. Advanced aerodynamics to cut through the air and earn milliseconds in every situation. An unmatched level of safety to face the most extreme conditions. The widest field of vision ever to always have everything under control. Unbeatable ventilation to focus in the decisive moments.  


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    AGV Pista GP RR

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    AGV Pista GP RR

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    AGV Pista GP RR

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    AGV Pista GP RR

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