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    The champions of Grand Prix tell us about their AGV Pista GP RR

    By DemoneRosso | 28 January 2021 | 1 min

    AGV and Dainese have always put their new products to the most extreme test of all: racing. That developed on the track with the champions of motorcycle GP represents the ultimate in technology, and is evolving constantly. Pista GP RR, the helmet used by MotoGP™ riders, demonstrates AGV’s obsession for perfection 

    It offers protection, wide visual field and aerodynamics studied to make it weightless at high speed. The Pista GP RR has obtained strict FIM homologation, meaning that it can go straight from the store to being worn on a motorcycle GP starting grid. 

    Who can say what makes this helmet unique better than the professional riders? Here’s what some of the riders in the contest with AGV think about it! 



    Franco Morbidelli, MotoGP™ rider: 

    “It has a very wide visual field. It lets you see around you almost as if you weren’t wearing it.” 




    Luca Marini, Moto2 rider: 

    “It’s really important to have a helmet that’s stable on straights, and with the Pista GP RR we always get good performance.” 




    Joan Mir, MotoGP™ rider: 

    “The aerodynamics are amazing. When we come out of a tuck position at more than 300 an hour, the helmet doesn’t push on our faces.” 




    Jorge Martin, Moto2 rider: 

    “I felt how light it was the moment I tried it. The visual field also helps me keep my rivals under control at every stage of the race.” 



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