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    Guide to the MTB Enduro trails to try out at least once

    By DemoneRosso | 30 September 2021 | 1 min

    When you say the Dolomites, you already know that, no matter what corner you explore, any trail, any ridge, any season, you will have the satisfaction of experiencing one of the most incredible and special places on the planet. 

    The Sellaronda, for example, which runs through the entire Sella group between the valleys of Fassa, Livinallongo, Badia and Gardena, is one of the most famous ski circuits in the world. But when spring comes, the melting snow uncovers trails that scream mountain biking. They’re the Dolomiti Supersummer trails, to be taken on at least once, with an enduro or downhill bike, an eBike or even an XC.


    We asked our athletes and the people who built the routes which are the best trails in the Dolomites, not to be missed. Here’s our advice: 


    Herrnsteig | Kronplatz 
    Length: 7 km 
    Difficulty: Medium

    This is the first official Kronplatz freeride trail, one of the wonders of the Dolomites from which you can enjoy a landscape that’s one-of-a-kind. Starting from the top of the Kronplatz, you arrive at the Riscone valley station, crossing all types of terrain, on a very long, physical trail. An altitude difference of 1,300 meters to cover in one breath, where you need to pay attention to the most complex passages, with complete protective equipment. The Herrnsteig is a must if you’re mountain biking in the Dolomites.  

    Pordoi - Burz | Arabba 
    Length: 4.2 km  
    Difficulty: medium

    This panoramic trail connects Passo Pordoi with Burz and is almost always at an altitude of more than 2,000 m. It is characterized by passages of medium difficulty and some uphill cycling stretches, through breathtaking landscape, including north shore on wooden features. This captivating trail on the sunny side of the valley starts at high altitude and ends above the residential area of Arabba. The enchanting view of the Fodom valley and the peaks of Portavescovo alone would make the ride worthwhile. 


    Easy Jump Line | Val Gardena — Plan de Gralba 
    Length 2,200 m 
    Difficulty: medium 

    This is mixed terrain, between natural trails and artificial features, a flow to go down in one breath without stopping. The Easy Jump Line in Val Gardena is the perfect trail for riders who are already confident bikers and love jumping, even at high speed. 

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    Sky Line | Plose 
    Length: 6.6 km  
    Difficulty: medium-hard 

    This flow is physical, challenging and exciting, starting from the station above the Plose gondola lift and running fast over 6.6 km amid curves, waves and bumps, with a special, spectacular view of Brixen. It requires good control and confidence to tackle it properly. The reward is excellent ride quality. There’s also a bit of Whistler in the Sky Line trail in Plose. The route – with 900 m altitude difference and 13% average gradient – was designed by Gravity Logic, the trail builders behind the Canadian MTB Mecca. 


    9.90 | Canazei 
    Length: 2.5 km  
    Difficulty: hard 

    One of the historic Dolomiti Supersummer trails, loved by riders because of its natural style and very technical route. The level of the trail, which leads to the village, requires great biking confidence and good physical fitness. It’s no coincidence that the 9.90 is also used for Enduro World Series shakedowns. Curious about the name? It has nothing to do with distances, gradients or airspeed velocity, instead being inspired by price of the hacksaw used for working on all the wooden infill, which came to €9.90. 



    Tuttifrutti| Canazei 
    Length: 7 km  
    Difficulty: hard 

    If you’re looking for a trail that really puts your technique and mountain bike training to the test, this is the one for you. The Tuttifrutti starts from the top of Col Rodella, descending along the ridge below until it returns to the village, for 7 km amid spectacular landscapes and really challenging passages. Used in the Enduro World Series since 2019, it’s certainly one of the longest and most technical trails in the Dolomites, with passages on counter-sloping stones and roots, up to the final section where it turns into a real flow, until it arrives in Canazei. 


    Whatever trail you get ready to face, protection is essential so that you can move with maximum freedom and express yourself to the full, improving your technique and confidence in safety. That’s why there are protectors designed for every preference and every riding style. Whether you prefer to tackle the trails with Enduro bikes, Downhill bikes, eBikes or Cross Country bikes, there’s the protection that’s right for you. 

    To get the most out of the setting you’re exploring, especially if this is your first time cycling its trails, it’s a good idea to consult an MTB guide from the area. In addition to offering suggestions to improve riding technique on the route step by step, it will mean you have a companion on the best stretches and choose the ones you’re best prepared for. To take on the Sellaronda and its trails, Fassa Bike guides and technicians, for example, make themselves available to every rider who wants to discover the Dolomites by mountain bike. 



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