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    The heat shouldn’t see us lower our guard – here are our tips for protecting yourself in the saddle this summer.

    By DemoneRosso | 19 June 2023 | 1 min

    Even in summer when the temperatures rise, it’s essential to protect yourself when traveling by motorcycle
    Technical mesh garments are protective, yet extremely cool and breathable
    Motorcycle gloves protect the hands from abrasions and impacts, but also from the sun's rays
    Perforated leather clothing and all-season outfits are good alternatives to fabric garments
    There are no specific summer helmets, but modular solutions are the best option when taking on the scorching heat

    Let’s be honest, few people prefer riding in cold weather. It can be done of course, and today’s technology means there are technical garments capable of protecting you from the most extreme temperatures, but when the sun is shining, riding a motorcycle is a different thing entirely.  

    Modern technologies and the continuous development of materials mean that it’s now possible to enjoy your motorcycle all year round. Increasingly advanced garments provide effective protection in bad or freezing weather. For many though, the motorcycling season only really begins when the sun comes out. But while sheltering from the cold is instinctive, the same can’t be said for the heat.  

    Protection and heat, two seemingly contrasting concepts. Instinctively, the more you cover yourself, the more stifling the heat becomes. But this is not exactly the case. When the temperature soars, you do actually need to protect yourself. One obvious example is the Tuareg, a nomadic people of the Sahara desert, who always travel in woolen clothes. It’s important to protect yourself against the heat and the sun’s rays to insulate the body from scorching outdoor temperatures. Today's technology comes to our aid: To protect yourself from the heat as well as a fall, you should use perforated motorcycle clothing, made of mesh fabric if possible, as this is lightweight and highly breathable. Below you will find a list of summer garments for riding in hot weather.  

    Smart Jacket LS
    Smart Jacket LS

    Summer motorcycle jacket 

    The first technical garment we propose is the summer motorcycle jacket. The Ignite Air Tex, for example, is composed of large mesh panels, a real mesh that allows for significant air flow while offering considerable abrasion resistance. Naturally, it features certified shoulder and elbow protectors. A removable windproof liner means that the jacket can also be worn in cooler temperatures, while an anti-floating sleeve system and soft inserts at the neck and wrists ensure the perfect fit. Because, for us, comfort primarily means safety. 


    Motorcycle airbag jacket 

    The Smart Jacket LS (Long Sleeve) is the motorcycle jacket that incorporates the state-of-the-art D-air® airbag protection, which protects the chest and back better than any hardshell protective gear. Constructed with patented microfilament technology, the air protection the airbag provides is equivalent to that of seven traditional back protectors on the back and eight chest protectors on the front. It requires no connections and can be used as a normal ventilated jacket, with no need for any other compatible garments. Made of anti-abrasion and ventilated fabric, it ensures excellent breathability and can be worn on even the hottest days. In addition to the back and chest airbag, it integrates removable protectors at the elbows and shoulders. If, on the other hand, you want something even more versatile that can be worn over or under any garment, you might be interested in the Smart Jacket as a vest version, which incorporates the same D-air® system as the long-sleeved version. 

    insyde quadro

    AGV Tourmodular

    Lightweight, comfortable and ultra-protective modular helmet, set up for use with integrated DMC communication system. Designed for maximum comfort and safety on long trips.

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    Summer motorcycle pants 

    Pants go hand in hand with a motorcycle jacket. Bear in mind that every area of the body you cover is a surface that is protected, from abrasions as well as the sun and sunburn. For summer use, we would suggest the Combat Tex that, despite their casual look, are made of a high-tech fabric. The yarn is known as Armalith, a mix of cotton, Lycra and a special fiber called UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene), a very light but extremely strong material. There are rigid protectors at the knees and soft ones at the hips.  


    Summer motorcycle gloves 

    Underestimated by most, motorcycle gloves are an essential item of technical clothing when it comes to protection, even in summer. Not only in safety terms, in the case of a fall (the hands are often the first body part to hit the ground), but also as a shield against the sun and heat. So, we see no reason not to wear them, even in the hottest season. Not least because gloves like the Mig 3 Air offer maximum ventilation, as they’re constructed in mesh, but also feature rigid TPU knuckle protection.  


    Summer motorcycle shoes and boots 

    Protecting the feet and ankles is often overlooked too, despite this being one of the most exposed areas in the event of a fall, particularly the malleolus. To protect the feet in summer, the breathable and comfortable Metractive Air motorcycle shoes are an ideal solution. A certified model, they provide all the protection required for worry-free riding.  

    But if you want the ultimate in protection, you should look to motorcycle boots such as the Torque 3 Out Air. They are ideal for summer use (the upper is made of perforated microfiber) and intense use on the track.  


    Perforated leather clothing 

    If you are looking for a sportier look, as an alternative to fabric, you might consider technical clothing made of perforated leather, the best material right now in terms of its abrasion resistance. One example is the Racing 4 Perforated leather jacket, which ensures an excellent level of ventilation with its perforated leather, The jacket incorporates an inner lining with antibacterial silver ion treatment, the ultimate in terms of thermal stability. Rigid shoulder and elbow pads are ever present, in addition to pockets for a G-type back protector and chest protector. 


    All-season motorcycle clothing 

    If, on the other hand, you are looking for an outfit that is good year-round and can adapt to all temperatures, then you will probably be interested in four-season, or all-season, suits. An excellent example is the Springbok 3L Absoluteshell™ jacket, the features of which allow it to be fully waterproof, thermal or ventilated depending on the conditions. In its summer configuration, with no waterproof lining and with every air vent open, it is also great for warmer temperatures. In addition to elbow and shoulder protectors, it incorporates a level 2 pocket back protector.  

    Summer motorcycle helmet 

    As for head protection, there are no specific summer helmets, but some helmets are more versatile than others. Like the Tourmodular, which can also be worn open due to its P/J homologation, to the benefit of ventilation. All while also ensuring maximum safety, of course.  


    As you have seen, technical garments not only protect against accidents, but also against the heat coming from the sun's rays or your bike's engine. In this sense, the coolest garments of all are undoubtedly perforated suits, but leather or all-season suits also offer a good compromise between ventilation and style or versatility. It all depends on how red-hot the situation is! 


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    AGV Tourmodular

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    Smart Jacket LS

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    Ignite Air Tex

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    Mig 3 Air

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