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    The advantages of Dainese Smart Jacket, built with airbags integrating patented D-air® technology with microfilaments for maximum protection.

    By DemoneRosso | 07 June 2022 | 1 min

    Dainese Smart Jacket offers the largest certified protection area (CPA) on the market
    The D-air® system with microfilaments allows for uniform inflation all over the torso area
    Certified protection by the most renowned bodies in the world
    Smart Jacket is both breathable and waterproof
    Maximum versatility: It can be worn under or over any jacket and can easily be folded and stored anywhere

    When Dainese invented the first electronically-activated airbag for road motorcycles, it had only one goal in mind: To offer the best possible protection in a garment that is comfortable and usable by everyone. Years have passed since then, during which the R&D department has continued to work tirelessly, constantly raising the bar. Today, we are able to offer you Dainese Smart Jacket, a comfortable, lightweight and versatile vest that, owing to the innovative patented D-air® technology, additionally offers incredible certified protection, higher than that of traditional motorcycle airbags. 

    Let's see together, in further detail, how Dainese Smart Jacket stands out from its competitors. 


    The “Protection area” 

    A fundamental parameter for evaluating a motorcycle technical garment is its ability to protect you. This is an essential aspect and in terms of motorcycle airbags it translates into the Certified Protection Area (also known as CPA), or the effective area of protection. What sets Dainese Smart Jacket apart from traditional airbags, is that Smart Jacket offers a CPA that is 176% higher than other products on the market: This because, in addition to the back, it also protects the chest area. 


    Microfilaments for maximum protection 

    Dainese Smart Jacket offers maximum protection through the exclusive patented D-air® airbag technology based on microfilaments. But what are they for, and why are they so innovative? We’ll try to explain with a practical example: Classic motorcycle airbags work like an inflated balloon that, when subjected to a force, deforms and changes the internal air pressure – they can only protect your from small impacts. On the other hand, D-air® has millions of microfilaments that securely hold the two flaps of the bag at a maximum distance of 5 centimeters, allowing uniform inflation and pressure over the whole surface. This creates a veritable air shield, solid and compact throughout, which guarantees the best safety standards demanded by regulations on motorcycle airbags (if you’d like to know more, we have written a dedicated guide on certifications). How would you rather be protected, by a balloon or a shield? 


    Smart Jacket: Comfort and practicality 

    “However effective, a heavy, uncomfortable protector will never be a solution to the problem, as it’d be hard to persuade people to wear it.” – we always believed this. And this is why, when designing Dainese Smart Jacket, we paid a lot of attention to comfort. With no rigid hardshell protective gear, it’s the most flexible and versatile motorcycle airbag. You can wear it under or over any jacket and it's easily foldable. It provides thermal comfort, too: To be breathable, Smart Jacket is made with fully ventilated mesh (which allows air to flow when inactive and blocks all air when it inflates) and, at the same time, it’s also water-repellent, while its internal technology is 100% waterproof. 


    By now, you must have realized that there are plenty of good reasons to switch to Smart Jacket: It’s extremely safe, versatile and protective, you can use it with any jacket, in any season, in any condition – and it offers seven times more protection than a classic back protector.  

    Watch the video if you’d like to learn more about Dainese Smart Jacket and if you’d like to see how D-air® airbag microfilaments work under normal conditions. 


    D-air® devices protect those areas declared protective in the Dainese D-air® manual. For further details please read the product user manual.


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