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    A detailed guide on how to best prepare for a motorcycle ride, whatever the weather

    By DemoneRosso | 01 June 2022 | 1 min

    Dressing properly for all motorcycle journeys isn’t just a matter of safety.
    Dedicated preparation allows you to live out your passion free of worries.
    There are technical garments for all climates and all situations, from traveling the world to commuting to work.
    In particular, jacket, pants, gloves and boots come with different technologies for use in different seasons.
    Perforated, lightweight, but abrasion-resistant and protective fabrics are the ideal solution for the warmer months.
    Waterproof membranes and insulating materials are the perfect shield against low temperatures and bad weather.

    Technical clothing not only allows you to ride safer, but also to have fun with peace of mind. But what clothing should you wear? Here are our recommendations, according to the season.  

    Only those who travel on two wheels know the incredible sensations that simply riding a motorcycle can produce. It’s a genuine addiction for some people. Whether you’re an all-season rider or one who only rides in spring temperatures, it doesn't matter: For people like us, biking is life. 

    If you’re a traveler, you’ll already know how important it is to ride wearing suitable technical clothing. We’re not just talking about safety, which is infinitely superior to that offered by non-technical garments, but also about comfort and fun. Technical garments allow you to focus entirely on riding. And when we say comfort, we also mean the temperature. Every garment has an optimal range and protects you from the heat or the cold. So here’s a big list of garments to wear on a bike, be it summer, winter or in between.  


    How do you choose among motorcycle jackets and pants? 

    The technical garment par excellence is the motorcycle jacket. Once there were only leather jackets, which are still among the most appealing and sought-after, but technology has made great strides and means you’re really spoiled for choice. If you only ride in summer, we recommend a ventilated fabric jacket (still equipped with a removable windproof membrane) or at least a perforated leather jacket.  

    If, on the other hand, you’d like a more versatile jacket you can also use in spring and fall, you could go for a 4-season jacket. Due to its characteristics, it can be waterproof, thermal or completely ventilated depending on the circumstances. Alternatively, a classic non-perforated leather jacket could be right for you. But if you intend to take on tougher climes, you need to think more radically. For example, there’s the Antartica 2 jacket, which due to the high technology of its materials protects at as low as -20 °.  


    Technical pants go hand in hand with jackets, so to speak. Here too, there’s really loads of choice. Technical pants go hand in hand with jackets, so to speak. Here too, there’s really loads of choice. To tackle the hottest climates, we advise against jeans, which are instead the ideal solution for getting around the city, comfortable and protective. In terms of thermal comfort, the best for the heat are ventilated fabric pants, or at least perforated leather ones (possibly equipped with knee sliders). What we said for jackets also applies to pants for spring and fall. All-season pants, with inner GORE-TEX membrane, adapt well to all weather conditions. Alternatively, you could consider non-perforated leather pants. To take on extremely cold climates, however, there are Antartica pants, which can be combined with the jacket of the same name and feature the same technology.  


    Maximum safety in every season, with Smart Jacket 

    If you’re safe, you’re uncomfortable, right? Not at all! Constant study of protectors means that you can now have airbag safety on a simple, comfortable garment. The Smart Jacket is a lightweight (just over a kilo), electronically activated airbag vest which protects the back and chest and can be worn over or under any jacket. It doesn’t require any connection to the bike and is easily foldable. It’s ventilated and breathable, so you can use it even in the summer, and it’s also waterproof.  


    Thermal underwear, fundamental not only in winter 

    Often underestimated, thermal underwear can work wonders when it comes to comfort. It’s a very common mistake to think that wearing less clothing will give you fewer problems with heat. So how is it that desert peoples wear woolen clothes? Good technical garments protect you from both the cold and the heat. For the summer, we’d recommend a thermal jersey like the D-Core Aero, light and super-breathable. For the intermediate seasons we recommend the D-Core Dry combined with long underwear instead, both suitable from 0 ° upwards. If, on the other hand, you’re facing subzero temperatures, then the solution is an insulating inner suit (shirt + long underwear), to get as low as -20 ° without issues.  

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    The importance of always protecting your hands with gloves 

    The mistake of not protecting against the cold often involves the hands as well. But think about a fall, even when you’re not moving – what’s the first thing you put on the ground? In most cases, it’s your hands. Besides, wearing gloves also protects them from the sun’s rays. For the summer we recommend short perforated fabric gloves or, alternatively, mixed leather/fabric gloves. Gloves for spring and summer are more versatile. For the cold, consider a waterproof fabric glove, but non-perforated leather gloves for after the summer or late spring. Leather can’t help a lot in colder climates, though. You have to consider waterproof and padded fabric gloves. 


    Dainese Smart Jacket

    The most advanced Dainese D-air® airbag technology used in MotoGP™ in a versatile vest that fits any motorcycle rider. 


    Motorcycle boots for maximum comfort and protection, even in summer 

    Another important element in motorcycle travel is boots, which we highly recommend that you use even in summer. In addition to guaranteeing protection on the foot, ankle and malleolus, they have reinforced soles, so that they don’t transfer vibration from the foot pegs to the sole of the foot. For the hottest days, you can consider a perforated microfiber boot, also ideal for warm-ups on the track and available in a non-perforated version, but for the winter choose waterproof leather boots with GORE-TEX membrane. 


    Don’t forget a waterproof kit to protect yourself against downpours 

    All the most experienced travelers know that sooner or later you’ll end up in a classic torrential downpour when you’re on a bike. It’s inevitable. If you’ve already been through it, you know what we’re going to recommend to you – always carry a rain kit with you, at least on trips. You can consider a two-piece suit with jacket and pants or a one-piece suit, comfortable and 100% waterproof. 


    Karakum Ergo-Tek Magic Connection gloves
    Karakum Ergo-Tek Magic Connection gloves

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    Sun visors for the brightest days 

    On the sunniest days, the light can be blinding. So get a dark visor for your helmet. It won’t only help you see, but keep your face cooler. You could also consider a helmet with integrated sun visor, which is more versatile, especially if you plan to ride at night or in any case alternate between light and dark (in tunnels, for example).  


    No more stops, because of the backpack with integrated water bag 

    We have one last tip about riding in scorching temperatures. Think of all the stops you make just for a drop of water. What if that wasn’t a problem any more? The Alligator Backpack has a 2-liter bag inside, covered in insulating material to keep the water cool, and a flexible straw so you can drink while you ride. Brilliant. It also gives you space for other small-to-medium-sized items. 



    Every motorcycle ride has to be fun, especially if you’re riding precisely to have hours of pleasure, in safety. But riding your bike, whether alone or in company, requires technical clothing, so you can concentrate purely on the experience and enjoy it to the full. A little, specific advice lets you choose all of your equipment, for every season of the year. 


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