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    The new face of the Canyon CLLCTV Dainese Enduro team, competing at the highest levels in MTB

    By DemoneRosso | 14 May 2022 | 1 min

    Dainese’s mission has always been to allow everyone – at every level and in all situations – to express their full potential, pushing the limits of the possible ever further. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for young talents to protect and support, to allow them to reach the highest level of performance. 

    In 2022 we teamed up with Canyon to launch a new project in the world of enduro mountain biking: Canyon CLLCTV Dainese Enduro. This is a team ready to compete immediately in the top-tier Enduro World Series, the equivalent of a world cup for the discipline.  

    The goal is to turn young talents into the world’s fastest riders. Canyon CLLCTV Dainese Enduro is a line-up that focuses on developing promising professional riders, who can now throw themselves completely into competing at the highest level with the support of a factory team, so they can express all of their potential to the full. 

    With this search for young names in mind, the team put the handlebars of their Canyon Strive CFRs in the hands of Slawomir Lukasik and Alexis Icardo, already professional EWS riders but so far competing with private teams. A newcomer to the Enduro World Series also joins them, Gloria Scarsi 

    Gloria has a special story – from a very young age, she distinguished herself on racing bikes, both on the road and on the track. She joined the Italian national team, and in 2018 won the European Youth Track Cycling Championships. Then she tried enduro, for fun together with her friends. Gloria took the leap of switching to a completely different discipline. Here too, she immediately got significant results in Italian national competitions. Now she’s ready for the top-tier Enduro World Series. 

    We had a chat with Gloria, ahead of the EWS 2022 season. Here’s what she told us: 


    Name, age, height and team. 

    "Gloria, 21 years old, 171 cm tall, and I ride for the Canyon CLLCTV Dainese Enduro team." 

    When and where did you start cycling? 

    "I started when I was 7, in Albenga, Liguria, the city where I live." 

    Which disciplines did you ride in before coming to mountain biking? 

    "I’ve been involved in road and track racing since I was 14." 

    How long have you been on a mountain bike? 

    "When I stopped road and track racing, I didn’t want to have anything more to do with bikes. I was tired. But just then some of my friends invited me to try an enduro bike, really different from racing ones. It was the beginning of 2020, and I bought my first enduro a week later." 


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    What attracted you to mountain biking and enduro racing in particular? 

    "I like enduro because it all revolves around the rider – it’s you, with your bike, and that’s it. Everything that happens in the race is up to you and nobody else." 

    How do you prepare in the morning before a race starts? 

    "I wake up without rushing, not too early. I like sleeping. It lets me get to the race well rested. After breakfast I go to the paddock, where I usually listen to some music, attach the vest to my racing jersey, get dressed, then wait for the start." 

    How do you stay calm and keep your fears in check before a race or when you approach a big obstacle? 

    "I always try to stay calm before the race – the agitation only comes at the last minute. At the start of the special test, I go into a world of my own, I can only concentrate on what I have to do and I put everything else out of my mind." 

    What role does how you prepare play in keeping your fears in check and giving you the confidence to push your limits? 

    "I learned a lot from my years in road and track racing. You need to keep calm and focused on the race itself. It’s the same for enduro. You have to focus on the course, understand where you can push and where you can’t. I’m also doing great work on my body with my trainer Alex, another essential element in such long and physically demanding races." 


    What’s your favorite type of bike training? 

    "I like interval training, that noncontinuous training that alternates high- and low-intensity exercises. When I finish I’m completely exhausted, mentally unburdened and pleased with my efforts." 

    Do you prefer training on a bike or in the gym? 

    "On a bike!" 

    What was your most serious injury? 

    "In July 2021, at the Italian enduro championship, I fell and fractured seven vertebrae." 

    Would you prefer to win after a performance you weren’t really happy with or come second after giving 110%? 

    "I prefer knowing that I gave it everything I had, without winning, to a walkover." 

    What’s your goal for the 2022 season? 

    "This year the goal is to do well at the EWS. I want to give it my all, and I know that with the tools I have with the new team, I can focus on performance alone." 

    Muddy or dusty course? 


    Roots or stones? 


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    Bikes with 27.5, 29 or mullet wheels?  

    "Definitely 29." 

    What bike are you racing with this year? 

    "Canyon Strive." 

    What racing bike set-up do you use? 

    "It depends on the route. If there are very steep descents I keep the fork pretty soft, to take full advantage of all the travel. But if the paths are more forgiving I tend to stiffen it. I always like the shock free so it can work to its full capacity." 

    Other secrets? 

    "I have one in particular – I always use the same socks in competitions, and it’s a pair I never train with!" 


    The season for the whole Canyon CLLCTV Dainese Enduro team, with Gloria, Slawomir and Alexis, will kick off with the first round of the EWS in Tweed Valley, Scotland on June 4, 2022.  


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