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    Helmet, technical clothing, lightweight and comfortable protectors. But also a live experience, to see how an international race works. Here are our tips on choosing the perfect gift

    By DemoneRosso | 11 October 2023 | 1 min

    When it comes to choosing a Christmas gift for a mountain bike lover, shoppers have to navigate their way through a vast range of accessories and possibilities. Here are our tips for picking out a suitable gift that will be both useful and appreciated.     

    Waterproof jackets – the ideal gift for all-year-round mountain bikers 

    A waterproof jacket is a garment to have with you in every season, a great gift idea for all-year-round mountain bikers. In summer too, it’s a must on longer days high up in the mountains. During the winter it becomes a rider’s most trusted companion, keeping them warm and dry even in the most difficult conditions.   


    Back protector for maximum protection  

    There are various alternatives for protecting the upper body area of mountain bike trail or enduro riders. The Trail Skins range offers breathable jerseys that integrate back and chest protectors: 

    • The Pro version includes Pro Shape 2.0 shoulder protectors; 
    • The Air version is sleeveless, perfect for hotter outings.  

    In both cases, the garments are created with lightweight, ventilated fabric to keep the wearer’s perspiration at bay.  

    Rival Pro Tee takes up the concept of the jersey with built-in protectors, maximizing safety through Level 2 certified Auxagon protection on the back. There are also soft material panels on the chest and Pro Shape 2.0 on the shoulders. 


    Mountain bike knee pads – Trail Skins and Rival Pro   

    As with the upper body area, using knee protectors is crucial, and they’re a Christmas gift that could convince those who aren’t using them yet. The perfect balance of safety and freedom of movement when riding is finally achieved with Trail Skins mountain bike knee pads. They’re available in three versions: 

    Their structure is 55% perforated, ensuring optimum air flow even at low speeds.  

    For bikers more inclined toward aggressive descents there’s Rival Pro, a knee guard that combines great freedom to pedal with the utmost protection against impacts. Rival Pro has a unique metal plate incorporated into the Pro Shape 2.0 protective front panel, a solution inspired by MotoGP™ riders’ suits.  


    Rival Pro Knee Guards
    Rival Pro Knee Guards

    High-resistance pants  

    Choosing between long or short pants largely depends on the temperature. Shorts are the ideal choice in three out of four seasons, but it’s a wise choice to keep a warmer garment in your closet for winter. When heading out in temperatures close to zero, perhaps in the snow, long pants provide greater comfort and protection – for those who don’t already have a pair, they’re a perfect gift idea for mountain bike enthusiasts.   

    Breathable, tear-resistant MTB jerseys  

    The mountain bike jersey is a simple garment, but it’s essential. Long-sleeved, short-sleeved or even vests to wear over the first two – it comes down to the outdoor temperature, but also personal taste. All Dainese bike garments are made with lightweight, elastic materials, to leave you free to express yourself and to promote movement.   


    Mountain bike helmets 

    Then there are helmets, essential for any kind of mountain biking. With the recent development of gravity disciplines like enduro, lightweight full-face mountain bike helmets have been created that can be worn in comfort even when climbing. One example is our Linea 01 MIPS, the world’s lightest full-face mountain bike helmet with Downhill homologation, a good MTB-themed gift idea.  
    A less specialized alternative would be an open-face helmet like Linea 03 Mips+, again, very light and protective, perfect for more easygoing mountain biking. 

    Gift an experience for Christmas – trip to the EDR World Cup 

    Last but not least, a nice trip to the mountains. No, it’s no joke – the idea of gifting a loved one a trip to follow a stage of the UCI EDR World Cup live will definitely be appreciated. Seeing the exploits of your favorite professional riders up close and meeting them in the paddock at the end of the race can become an unforgettable experience. The 2024 calendar is already out, – a glance is all it will take to find the closest race! 


    If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a rider, an amateur, or just a mountain bike lover, follow our advice. You’re sure to find the right idea for your special occasion.  


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