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    Helmets, clothing, accessories and more. Here are Dainese’s tips on choosing the perfect gift for a motorbike enthusiast

    By DemoneRosso | 12 October 2023 | 1 min

    Buying a Christmas gift for a motorcycle rider can seem a tall order if you’re not an expert. But you just need a few suggestions to guide you in finding the perfect gift for a motorbike enthusiast.    

    If you know your giftee well, you’ll know what bike is in their garage and what they usually do with it. Those two things are all you need to choose a garment, accessory or protector that’s sure to become an essential.   

    Motorcycle back protectors 

    The symbol of protection for a motorcycle rider is the back protector. Invented by Dainese, it’s an essential accessory on every motorcycle outing. There are very light models, totally perforated so you don’t suffer from the heat even in summer, and others optimized for sports or city use. If you have any doubts about choosing a motorcycle back protector, check out our buying guide. 


    Smart Jacket – a gift for all motorcycle riders 

    Smart Jacket is the airbag road vest for everyone, a perfect gift for every motorcycle rider, man or woman, from racers to tourers, including people who ride a scooter to work every day. The same D-air® technology used in MotoGP™ is contained in a light, versatile garment. D-air® is the intelligent airbag capable of analyzing the data received from the sensors 1,000 times a second and detecting the dynamics of an accident. In case of need, the Smart Jacket activates the protection of air on chest and back in a few thousandths of a second. The bag envelops the rider’s torso and guarantees maximum protection due to the patented microfilament technology, which ensures controlled inflation and uniform pressure over the entire surface.     

    The Smart Jacket is available in a vest version or with long sleeves, featuring level 2 certified Pro-Armor protectors also on shoulders and elbows, to meet the needs of every motorcycle rider.  

    Smart Jacket Lady
    Smart Jacket Lady

    A helmet for every bike   

    Every motorcycle rider has their own favorite kind of helmet, usually depending on the category of their bike. With a little investigation, we’ll discover which would make the best Christmas gift.    

    For the more sporty, the Pista GP RR is the ultimate helmet, the same one that MotoGP™ champions wear when racing, developed for the fastest professional riders in the world, on the most extreme circuits. It has an unmistakable profile, offering maximum performance on the road and on the track. It’s the perfect gift idea for a motorbike enthusiast. 

    For those who bike in various ways, from the road to long journeys, through commuting and trips to the mountains, there are more comfortable models, but which don’t sacrifice the performance of a sports helmet. K6 S is the safe, lightweight and versatile helmet that’s perfect however you use it on the road. It’s the perfect choice for your motorbike-themed Christmas gift.  

    Tourmodular is the ideal solution for those who love long distances. Tourmodular is a flip-up helmet that offers the safety and performance of a full-face helmet with the versatility and comfort of a modular helmet. The fiber shell makes it safe and lightweight and it has an optimized structure so as not to tire the rider and to achieve a great level of comfort, like the ventilation system and interior.  


    SJ quadro

    Smart Jacket

    The most advanced Dainese D-air® airbag technology used in MotoGP™ in a versatile vest that fits any motorcycle rider.


    The motorcycle jacket 

    The leather jacket is the emblem of the motorcycle rider. It’s the most iconic garment, a Christmas gift that will certainly be appreciated 

    Dainese leather sports jackets are immediately recognizable due to some distinctive features such as the metal protectors on the shoulders, useful for dissipating the force of impacts and encouraging sliding on a surface like asphalt. But that’s not all, because our range also offers jackets with a more sober or vintage-inspired look, for protection when riding in the city and to be worn even away from the bike. For travelers, on the other hand, a fabric jacket with an integrated waterproof membrane will be the right idea for an unforgettable Christmas gift 


    Protective motorcycle shoes   

    Certified shoes are an often underrated accessory for those who bike every day. Protecting feet and ankles counts just as much as it does on the rest of the body, even on short trips. The most practical solution is a pair of technical, summer or waterproof sneakers – the malleolus protector, more rigid sole and toe and heel reinforcements can save our feet in emergencies.


    A must-have in every season – gloves 

    Knowing the rider will make it easy to find the right glove for their needs. For those who look at bikes from a sports perspective, the perfect thing is a long leather glove with rigid protectors. Gloves of this kind derive directly from those used in MotoGP™ by professional riders and represent the best in safety, on both track and road.   

    For less specialized use, you can choose a short, versatile glove, great both for Sunday excursions and everyday use in the city. If your loved one is an inveterate traveler, on the other hand, a glove with a waterproof membrane that can withstand all weather is certain to be the best choice.  

    Technical motorcycle underwear 

    Undoubtedly, a less demanding motorbike-themed gift idea that works for more or less everyone is a set of technical underwear. There are various options to choose from – shirt plus long underwear combination or one-piece inner suit. The latter is mostly dedicated to use with a full-length leather suit, whereas a shirt plus long underwear combination is more practical for all-round use. There are various consistencies, summer or winter, to aid the body’s thermoregulation at any temperature and achieve maximum comfort at all times. 

    Dainese Expedition Masters, USA 2023
    Dainese Expedition Masters, USA 2023

    Gift an unforgettable experience 

    A fulfilling life is sustained by experiences above all, more than by objects, so why not consider an experience as the definitive Christmas gift for a dear motorcycle rider? Dainese organizes a series of events ranging from a track riding course for beginners to intercontinental journeys in some of the most remote and magnificent lands on the planet. See the dedicated page for more information. 


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