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    How to prepare young skiers to deal with snow in total safety

    di DemoneRosso | 03 December 2020
    • It’s a pleasure to introduce children to skiing and it’s fun, but you need to prepare properly 

    • To make the most of a day on the snow you need to make them feel safe at all times 

    • Protectors are fundamental in approaching skiing: helmet and back protector above all 

    • With the right protectors, the first runs will mean fun, freedom and safety 

    • Insulation against the cold is essential tooyou need to be warm and dry to have fun 


    The mountains are an enchanting setting for children, especially if it’s their first time playing in the snow or if they’re approaching the slopes, putting their skis on for the first time. It’s important that parents take care of everything required for their children to have fun safely and problem-free. 

    The first item on the agenda is protection. A child who’s having fun can spend a whole day on the snow and think nothing of it, but it’s important to make them feel safe, no matter the activity. There’s protective clothing for them offering the same technologies used for adults, to give the equipment of champions even to little athletes.  

    Helmet always on 

    The helmet is first element to be considered. It's everyone’s essential protector, from kids to the stars of the slopes. Then there’s the fact that, in some countries, it’s required for kids aged up to 14 by law. Dainese offers various helmet options too, both for those approaching skiing and those who mean business and want to tackle their first races.  

    The Dainese D-slope and Snow Team Jr. Evo helmets are safe, light and comfortable, perfect for all the youngest people learning to skiD-slope has a ring nut on the back to adjust the helmet’s fit on the head, so it can adapt more easily to different ages.  

    D-race, on the other hand, is the sportiest helmet, with FIS homologation so that it can be used in all competitions in accordance with the regulations. The ability to use the chinguard makes it suitable for all types of races, both slalom and speed. 


    IMG_0050 82bb5bf4-f802-4f18-8a31-9b259cbb4908

    The importance of protectors 

    Like the helmet, the back protector is an essential element in ski safety, not only for younger skiers. It’s essential to do sport in complete freedom, expressing yourself fully. There are different types of back protectors: soft or rigidwearable with suspenders or integrated into a vest 

    For those who are already thinking about racing, there’s also a specific protectorSlalom Jacket Kid, designed to protect arms and shoulders from impacts against the poles. Scarabeo Flex Shorts have been developed for the leg and buttock area, perfect for protecting those tackling the inevitable first falls. 


    A clear view 

    Wearing a modern mask isn’t just a fashion. A good lens makes a difference, especially in flat light conditions, like when clouds obscure the sky or approaching sunset. A perfect view of the slope’s roughness at all times allows for greater confidence and control, increasing the skier’s active safety. 


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    A shield against the cold 

    Protection against cold weather is essential to be sure our kids have fun all day long. It's especially them who suffer frigid temperatures the most. The clothing in the Dainese Scarabeo line features the same technologies as adult clothing, waterproof membranes and insulating materials that combine warmth and breathability.  

    For skiing and physical activity in general, you should go for synthetic fibers, able to transfer moisture away from the body and maintain their insulating properties when wet. Synthetic fibers are also more practical when it comes to washing, as the drying phase is quicker. Scarabeo jackets and pants integrate RIBBO technology, a system to adapt the clothing’s wearability to the child’s growth so it can be used for longer. 


    For even the youngest skiers, Dainese offers a complete range of clothing and protectors so they can express themselves on the slopes with the utmost safety. Whether it’s the first downhill runs or times on the slalom course, protection lends the greatest freedom to performance. 


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