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    Towards Everest on two wheels, a challenge against the most extreme conditions on the planet

    By Dainese | 01 July 2022 | 1 min
    Motorcycle: BMW R 1200 GS
    Mileage: 1.200 km
    Difficulty: Easy, it can become extremely difficult in snowy conditions
    Duration: 6 days
    Time of the year: December - January
    Weather: often sunny, it can change suddenly
    Temperatures: da -10°C a -30°C
    Essential equipment: Winter jacket and pants kit, thermal underwear, thermal socks, winter gloves, wool hat, silk under-gloves, thermal balaclava

    An incredible journey, from the fascinating and mysterious town of Lhasa, to the Everest base camp at 5,134 metres. On a motorbike.  Relive ourDainese Expedition in Tibet. 


    Essential equipment


    Adventure Helmet

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    DAINESE22M.0000504_SN006484_CLOSEUP02 (2)

    Gore-Tex® Jacket

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    201614072_Q65_F (1)

    Gore-Tex® Pants

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    1795204_001_S (1)

    Waterproof boots

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    201915932_604_F_S (1)

    Technical jersey

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    Technical long underwear

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    Back protector

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    Winter gloves

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