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    Changing the rules of ski helmet design for greater protection, where it’s really needed

    By DemoneRosso | 08 February 2021 | 1 min

    Dainese Nucleo revolutionizes the design method, starting from skiers’ heads
    The helmet is built around Armoring®, a solid and protective ABS ring
    The Armoring protects everything around the head, in the areas most subject to impact
    The Reversesafe® design process allows to optimize safety and weight
    Protection is concentrated where needed, to contain the weight and reach the best comfort

    Protection, lightness and comfort. When you’re looking for a new helmet, whether it’s for skiing, motorcycling or other sports, those are the features you’re looking out for. They’re all equally important, for both competitive and amateur skiers. While attention to detail is essential for maximum performance in a race, it‘s no less important for those who just want to have fun on the slopes, keeping their helmets on for several hours. You can’t afford to make mistakes when choosing your equipment. That’s how Dainese Nucleo was created, as the perfect helmet for the slope in every way, offering skiers the best possible support in all conditions. 


    ReverseSafe® and Armoring®: protection and lightness where they’re needed 

    To achieve this goal, Dainese has designed Nucleo through a completely innovative procedure. Exclusive ReverseSafe® technology allows the creation of a helmet that meets skiers’ real needs, turning the conventional manufacturing process on its head. Nucleo was designed around Armoring®, an ABS ring that offers the utmost protection in the areas most subject to impact in the event of a fall. Its elasticated construction dissipates the energy of the shock over the whole area, always returning to its original shape. This allows the upper part of the helmet to remain lighter. The result is an extremely compact, safe structure that’s as light as a feather. 


    Every detail of the helmet is designed to protect the head and provide the comfort you need, so you can express yourself freely without worrying about anything else. The ear area is made of soft shock-absorbing material, a semi-rigid structure that offers unprecedented comfort while providing optimal protection. 


    Maximum safety with MIPS  

    According to the latest studies in the sector, rotational head accelerations are among the main causes of severe brain damage in the event of a fall or impact. Rotational accelerations are all those transmitted to the head in the event of oblique, or angular, impacts, that is, the situation that occurs most often in real life, during a fall. Indeed, impact is hardly ever transmitted to the helmet perfectly perpendicular to the surface that receives the impact itself. That’s why Dainese has implemented the MIPS inside Nucleo. 



    The patented MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) guarantees protection against this kind of impact. The MIPS operates very simply, aiming to ‘slide’ and rotate the head inside the helmet in the event of impact, through an insert that slides with respect to the outer shell and can always be identified by its yellow color. It means that the forces transmitted to the brain are partially dissipated by this sliding and therefore reduced drastically.  


    Comfort in every situation  

    The design of the inside of the Nucleo is based on first-hand experience on the Alpine Ski World Cup slopes in some of the most extreme and challenging of conditions. Not only is it comfortable and breathable, but it’s also adjustable, due to the BOA® system that allows you to modify the circumference around the head with extreme precision. BOA® is a patented system comprising a thin cable that runs along the entire inner circumference of the helmet and can be adjusted easily and quickly using a ring nut on the back, even when wearing gloves. This construction allows everyone to achieve perfect comfort. 

    Air vents are positioned on the front of the helmet where there is greatest pressure, channeling air inside the helmet through dedicated ducts and in turn drawing excess humidity and heat out of the helmet. The ventilation system has openings positioned at the front, not at the top of the shell. This is to prevent snow and water coming into contact with skiers’ heads, even in the worst weather conditions. The ducts then vent into the large rear openings built into the aerodynamic spoiler. 


    Nucleo brings together the finest technologies in a single helmet in order to offer every user the best, at all times. A compact helmet, created around skiers’ heads with ReverseSafe® structure, to offer both excellent protection, due to Armoring® and MIPS, and unprecedented lightness and comfort at the same time.  


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