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    Creation and development of the first revolutionary motorcycle protector

    di DemoneRosso | 30 November 2020
    #Innovation #Protection

    Nico Cereghini is a former Italian rider and journalist who has always been committed to motorcycle safety. A familiar face on Italian TV, as race commentator and motorcycle test rider he led his own campaign to raise awareness amongst riders regarding protection and safety on the road. Nico is best known by fans young and old for his famous motto: “wear your helmet securely fastened on your head, switch your lights on even in daylight, and always ride safely!” 

    Nico Cereghini, motorcycle legend and journalist, tells the story of the birth of the Dainese back protector, the first protector designed and developed specifically for motorcycle use. From the first version, which dates back to the late 70s and was used in competition by Sheene and Spencer, to the latest evolutions on offer today, differentiated so as to offer a complete range to suit all needs. 



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