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    Leather, fabric and waterproof membranes, to be ready for all conditions

    di DemoneRosso | 12 October 2020
    #Ergonomics #Protection

    Nico Cereghini is a former Italian rider and journalist who has always been committed to motorcycle safety. A familiar face on Italian TV, as race commentator and motorcycle test rider he led his own campaign to raise awareness amongst riders regarding protection and safety on the road. Nico is best known by fans young and old for his famous motto: “wear your helmet securely fastened on your head, switch your lights on even in daylight, and always ride safely!” 

    Nico Cereghini, journalist and former rider, takes us into the world of materials, from Dainese leathers to fabrics and waterproof membranes. Leather, used in motorcycle garments since the birth of the discipline, is still the best material for track and sports use today. It boasts unbeatable abrasion resistance and flexibility. Fabric, on the other hand, is suitable for those who use motorcycles to travel or get around the city, due to its unrivaled comfort. Gore Tex® and D-dry® waterproof membranes offer excellent protection against atmospheric agents, without sacrificing breathability. 



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