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    How metal ergonomic hand protections were born

    By DemoneRosso | 10 March 2021 | 1 min

    Nico Cereghini is a former Italian rider and journalist who has always been committed to motorcycle safety. A familiar face on Italian TV, as race commentator and motorcycle test rider he led his own campaign to raise awareness amongst riders regarding protection and safety on the road. Nico is best known by fans young and old for his famous motto: “wear your helmet securely fastened on your head, switch your lights on even in daylight, and always ride safely!”

    From MotoGP tracks to the road, Nico Cereghini explains the secrets of Ergotek Technology, the metal knuckle protection born from MotoGP riders’ glovesErgotek was born to give to street riders the perfect combination of safety and freedom of movement. The design of Ergotek knuckles was inspired by mapping the most exposed areas of professional riders’ gloves. Separate metal plates cover the most vulnerable areas and together create the perfect ergonomics, to follow every movement of the hand. 

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