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    How to best equip yourself for urban travel

    By DemoneRosso | 10 February 2021 | 1 min

    Cycling to work works wonders for many people, who see it as the only possible way to start the day. It stretches your legs, gets you physically and mentally active first thing in the morning, and you don’t have to worry about traffic or finding a parking spot. On the downside, if the weather isn’t perfect, you might arrive at the office sweaty or soaked. But this is easily overcome with the right equipment, which will allow you to face any kind of weather, in any season, and effortlessly. 


    Comfort on and off the saddle

    The first thing to consider is comfort. Indeed, finding garments that guarantee ergonomics and practicality when cycling but are also suitable for the office is no easy task. The goal of the perfect commuter is to find garments that are perfect both on and off the saddle. Pants, sweaters, or shirts created specifically for this, garments that won’t restrict your movements while pedaling but can withstand everyday use and be comfortable even when you reach your destination. Pants are the perfect example of this, as they need to allow for easy pedaling but also sufficiently adhere to the body to avoid the risk of getting caught in the parts of the bike.


    Perfect breathability

    Breathability is key to comfort, both when practicing sport and in everyday life. Sweaters made of innovative technical fabric promote breathability and help the body maintain a constant temperature, so you won’t sweat too much when it’s hot and feel awkward when you arrive at your destination. 


    Pockets and practicality

    All cyclists know which features are most important in a garment. Practicality goes hand in hand with comfort. And everyone knows how annoying it is to wear a garment that doesn’t let you carry everyday items, such as your cell, wallet or house keys. You need to find a garment with many pockets positioned strategically and that can be closed with buttons or a zipper, to be able to move freely without losing your belongings. 



    Gearing up for bad weather

    There’s no need to fear the rain. You just need the right waterproof garment. The most common solution is a three-layer shell, which is perfectly watertight also owing to its taped seams. These keep the membrane waterproof, as water doesn’t penetrate through the small holes of the stitching. Here, too, having many pockets to accommodate your everyday items is essential.. 

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    Details make all the difference

    The waterproof shell should be accompanied by a hood and a saddle cover. A hood is a must, ideally designed so it can be worn over the helmet, too, while a saddle cover is a less common, yet equally important, accessory. It’s useful in two ways: It’ll keep your pants dry if the saddle is damp, and it’ll protect you from the sprays and dirt splashed by the rear wheel. 


    For all weather conditions

    The poncho offers an alternative to the classic shell, as it was also created for protection during the worst weather conditions. In this instance, too, you need to find a product made of a light and resistant membrane, with taped seams to ensure maximum insulation. The poncho’s wide surface is ideal to protect the whole body even in the most difficult situations, with heavy rain and puddles. Another detail that shouldn’t be underestimated is the reflective inserts, which ensure the right visibility even in the worst weather. 


    A modular outfit 

    The best way to cope with changes in temperature or weather throughout the day is, as always, to dress in layers. Whether you’re going on a mountain trip or to the office, having something that you can take off or add on is key to not being caught unprepared. A spare shirt or sweater can save you from an unexpected cold snap. By mixing and matching, you can create a personal outfit which is perfect all year round.  


    Have all your essentials with you   

    A small backpack is the best solution to store all your essentials, well folded and stowed with care. A backpack or bag can carry all that you might need during a day in the city, such as a water bottle, laptop or packed lunch. It’s better to use a backpack rather than overstuff your pockets, which would leave you less comfortable when moving.


    From hood to zippered pockets, from saddle cover to taped seams, finding the perfect outfit that allows you to cycle yet not change your clothes for the whole day is no mean feat. But if you watch out for these details, you’ll find the perfect combination, both for cycling and for wearing at your destination. Comfort and practicality will have you start the day on the right foot, activating mind and body while riding your beloved bike.  


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