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    How all-season touring suits work

    By DemoneRosso | 01 September 2023 | 1 min

    You can have just one jacket for the entire year – there are versatile suits capable of adapting to any weather
    The secret lies in the removable waterproof membrane and thermal layer, which can be inserted or removed according to the conditions
    The large adjustable air vents on the chest, back and arms can be opened when it’s hottest
    With multiple configurations, you can face any situation in maximum comfort

    Having one garment in your wardrobe that can do what three or four can is any rider’s dream, especially those who love trips and long distances. All-season suits are a dream come true. They’re extremely practical and let you take on any weather or climate simply by changing their configuration or adding and removing a layer. 


    Protection in all weather conditions: The waterproof membrane 

    The key component that makes a jacket or a pair of pants all-season is the presence of internal membranes. There are various types of applications: laminated (integral part of the outer fabric), floating (inserted between the shell and the inner lining, therefore not removable) and removable.  

    The latter is the main feature of an all-season garment. To let you face summer, winter, sun and rain with the same clothing, you need to be able to rely on a modular structure from which you can remove the thermal and waterproof layers. In some models, the thermal and waterproof layers are paired together in a single jacket that can be worn separately. This is a point in favor of its practical nature in cool or rainy weather, as once you reach your destination or when you stop for a break, you can remove the outer shell with the protections, keeping just the warm and waterproof jacket. 


    Choose the ideal configuration: The versatility of 3 garments in 1 

    All-season suits (jacket plus pants combination) usually offer three different configurations while maintaining the same external appearance. For the winter configuration, when you need to protect yourself from both the cold and the dangers of rain, all layers are used, i.e. with waterproof and thermal layers inserted, and air vents closed. Mid-season, the inner layers can be removed to prevent the rider's body from overheating, and the air vents can be left closed. Finally, in summer mode the waterproof and thermal layer can be removed and the ventilation zippers are left open, to promote breathability.  

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    Ventilation for the hottest days: Air vents 

    As mentioned, one of the key features of an all-season garment lies in the air vents. Like helmets, most of the garments have air vents that favor the flow of fresh air to the body, and back layers that favor the escape of hot air. This creates a sort of depression that helps expel excess heat and humidity. The ventilation can be regulated with precision through the controlled opening (usually using a zipper, less often using hook and loop) of the front air vents. In fact, they do not only work simply open or closed, but they can also be adjusted as desired. A note on the air vents: the wider they are, the more they allow effective and immediate ventilation on the hottest days. This opening width is not a problem in winter, as the closures have a completely watertight seal.  


    An all-season suit represents the most versatile solution for those who travel and cross different types of weather in one trip, and who want to have only one garment that is effective for all changes of seasons. These garments’ extreme adaptability and customizable flow of air to the body make them the perfect defense against all weather conditions, from rain or sun, to the most bitter cold or summer heat. 



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