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    Racing technology to protect the mountain bike champions of tomorrow

    By DemoneRosso | 25 March 2021 | 1 min

    Adequate bike protection is essential, and even more so among young riders
    Dainese has developed Scarabeo specifically for the needs of children, with the same technologies used for adults
    The Ribbo System® allows the fit of clothing to adapt to growth, so it can be worn longer
    Scarabeo includes technical jerseys with protectors on chest, back and shoulders, plus knee and elbow guards and gloves

    The rapid spread of mountain biking among youngsters has led these riders too to feel the need to protect themselves, to grow up quickly and copy the feats of champions. From the starting point of experience with a range of protectors for adults, Dainese has developed Scarabeo, a line designed specifically to protect children and young people. 

    Their needs don’t differ from adults’ needs in any way. For the best possible biking in the utmost comfort you need safe, lightweight, breathable and ergonomic protectors. Dainese Scarabeo clothing offers precisely this perfect balance.



    Ribbo System®, to adapt to young people as they grow 

    The classic concern of every parent when they buy gear for their children is size, “growing into it” so they don’t need to buy replacement clothing every year. Dainese Ribbo technology was created to solve this problem. Ribbo has a series of ribbons, which can be identified by their blue color, positioned inside the clothing and allowing fit to be adapted to growth. When the clothing gets too tight, you need only cut the ribbons to gain a size and a season of fun. 

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    Dainese Scarabeo Bike

    Future champions' protections

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    The natural form of Pro-Shape 

    Scarabeo protectors, like those in the Trail Skins family for adults, are created around Pro-Shape technology, designed with inspiration from auxetics. A certified protective panel follows every movement of the body. The particular and immediately distinctive feature of Pro-Shape is its 55% ventilated surface, so that more than half of the protector is completely open to promote the exchange of air and heat. Pro-Shape makes it possible to achieve the ideal compromise between protection, ergonomics and breathability, for clothing that guarantees safety when you need it, but isn’t noticed any other time you’re riding. 


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    The Scarabeo collection 

    The Dainese line for young people has the same articles of clothing as those available for adults. It starts from the upper body with the protective jerseys, in versions with and without shoulder protectors, Scarabeo Pro Tee and Scarabeo Air Vest. These jerseys feature removable soft protectors on both the chest and back. The panels can be removed quickly on the way up on the warmest days, and above all to make washing easier. 

    The Scarabeo Pro Shorts with pad are perfect for maximum comfort in the saddle even after many hours. They also incorporate soft protective hip panels. Scarabeo Pro Knee Guards and Scarabeo Pro Elbow Guards complete the kit of safe, lightweight and comfortable protectors that come with the same technology used in the adult Trail Skins range. 


    With Scarabeo, Dainese wanted to take the same care and use the same solutions in designing products for adults, including those worn by professional riders, to clothing worn by younger riders, for the same level of protection and comfort. Finally, the protectors for kids are just like the ones for adults.   




    Scarabeo Pro Tee

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    Scarabeo Pro Elbow Guards

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    Scarabeo Pro Shorts

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    Scarabeo Pro Knee Guards

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