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    An adventure throughout the wildest regions of the planet

    By Dainese | 01 August 2022 | 1 min

    Dainese Expedition Master Iceland is  the ultimate journey, riding in one of the most riveting and unexplored countries on the planet. A unique motorbike adventure, where we learnt to face any situation on some of the most amazing roads on the planet.  

    Expedition Master Iceland is more than a motorbike trip, it’s a true expedition together with qualified, expert guides leading the expeditions, sharing their knowledge of the land and heading up instructional camps to improve your riding skills on any terrain. A unique opportunity for all motorcycle riders to unleash their boundless passion.  

    Iceland: active volcanoes, geysers, glaciers, breath-taking roads, and icy rivers to cross. One of the most incredible places on earth, combined with passion that goes beyond extreme conditions.  


    Essential equipment


    Adventure helmet

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    Waterproof jacket

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    Waterproof pants

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    Waterproof boots

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    Technical jersey

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    Technical long underwear

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    Back protector

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    Winter gloves

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