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    How to turn your travel story into an official Dainese guide, with photos, itinerary, notes and advice.

    By DemoneRosso | 01 November 2021 | 1 min

    Love to travel by motorcycle and looking for a space to tell the world about your adventures? Dainese Explorer is a collection of travel guides that allow all enthusiasts to make a contribution. You don’t need to have spent a year away from home or traveling around the world. If you tell the story the right way, a weekend’s biking or even just a day can provide the inspiration and chance to write a Dainese Explorer guide. 


    Turning your journey into an Explorer guide is easy. We’ll tell you how.  


    Send us your details  

    1. Fill in the fields with your personal details and read the privacy policy. The form below is just an example. 


    Summarize your trip 

    2. Share the basic information on your trip: the continent you visited, the destination (the region, geographical area or city where the trip began and ended), the duration, the kilometers traveled and the type and model of bike you rode. Follow the example below. 


    Attach text and images 

    3. Send your text by attaching a file in one of the formats indicated below and the best photos from your adventure. The whole album isn’t required at this stage, just a few so we can get a better idea of your trip. 


    What happens after you submit your story? 

    All your material, text and photos, will be examined by our editorial staff. If it meets the requirements (image quality, text length and consistency with our collection) we’ll get in touch with you to learn more and together we’ll go through all the steps to getting your guide published in Dainese Explorer. 


    Are you ready to share your adventure and help other riders prepare to explore the world with the aid of your experience and advice? 



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