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    Download the original designs and create your unique leather suit!

    By DemoneRosso | 05 February 2021 | 1 min

    If you are a parent, you know it.  During these days at home, keeping your kids busy at home could be harder than riding at Mugello. Maintaining their curiosity and engagement high is a must, so we decide to provide a little help.


    Custom Works is a Dainese’s made-to-measure program that, through over 25 steps of craftsmanship, allows to create a personalized leather suit or jacket.  Features, materials, technologies, colors: there are plenty of options to make a unique Dainese garment. 

    But why should this only for Dad or Mum?  Let’s share it with our kids. 

    Just click the button below and there you go!  With your creativity and above all, your kids’ fantasy, you can make the Dainese of their dreams!

    Scarica i disegni

    INSERT in articolo

    If a suit is not enough, here you can find Dainese jackets and AGV helmets!
    Scarica i disegni


    If you would like to share your design with us, just share it on your social profiles with the tag @daineseofficial and the hashtag #dainese or upload them here.

    Have fun!


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