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    Your ideal mate for long trips

    By DemoneRosso | 04 February 2021 | 1 min

    Are you considering the purchase of a new helmet? This is an extremely delicate matterSome features define the character of a product and are specific to the segment. A helmet used for long journeys must be comfortable. But what does comfortable mean? This is a concept that goes way beyond soft cheek pads. Here you are what you should pay attention to when you are looking for a helmet to grind out kilometers.


    What’s comfort?

    Comfort is probably the first feature you look for in a touring helmetHelmets that are apparently comfortable might become annoying after a few hours. What to do then? First of all, you should carefully choose the right sizeYou should then pay attention to how interiors are made and which materials are used. The more high-quality and well-finished, the more likely it is that comfort will last for the day. Eventually, make sure that interiors are removable and washable.

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    AGV uses high-quality textiles on all its helmets, such as 2Dry, a material that quickly removes moisture from the rider’s head. Moreover, AGV helmets feature a reversible crown pad, made of two materials: one side uses Shalimar, warmer and suitable in winter, the other one uses Ritmo, a cooler and summery fabric. Close attention is paid during the entire helmet’s design phaseto remove any potentially annoying point of contact.  

    cuffia 1 cuffia 2


    A screen on the road  

    The visor can really make the difference, even if it is often considered of secondary importanceNot only it is a shield against wind, but it is a true lens through which you can see the street and what is around you. Optic class 1 removes distortion and avoids tiring your eyes, to the benefit of concentration and safety. The AGV Ultravision takes the field of vision up to 190° horizontally and 85° vertically. This panoramic view enables not to miss a thing of what is happening around you.  

    laser visiera


    A light helmet makes the difference both on the highway and on alpine passesA few hundreds of grams might seem trivial, but, after an entire day riding your bike, they can positively or negatively affect your neck muscles: for this reason, AGV makes of lightness one of the milestones of its production process, in all segments. 

    Carbon and composite fibers in general ensure the highest level of safety and reduce weight. Although, it is not only static weight to make the difference: dynamic weight is even more importantThe design in the wind tunnel enables to optimize air penetration to the point that weight is equal to zero at 130 kilometers per hour. 


    Ready to anything

    A good touring helmet does not fear climatic changes throughout the day. Easily adjustable air intakesrear heat extractor and a sun visor are the best weapons to face changes in light and temperature. You should not forget a Pinlock visor (available on all AGV helmets), a must-have for anti-fog in cold or rain conditions.  

    AGV pays close attention to ventilation: it can be of great help when facing the most difficult situations. Great ventilation is crucial not only in case of torrid climate, but also of adverse weather. You should be able to open air intakes just enough to promote heat exchange without letting water in, so your visor does not fog up.



    sm vent sm vent 1


    Dedicated aerodynamics

    Aerodynamic studies count in a touring helmet. Speed on the road is not so high, but good air penetration and dedicated aerodynamic appendixes significantly improve acoustic comfort, reducing rustling and rumbles.  


    Thanks to dedicated studies on touring helmets, AGV was able to significantly improve all relevant aspects in the use over long distances. Interiors treated in detail, to always experience the feeling of a new helmet. An unparalleled level of safety, to face the most different situations. The widest field of vision ever, to always have everything under control. Advanced aerodynamics, to penetrate air and reduce noise and neck strain to a minimum. Optimized ventilation, to ensure comfort in any weather condition.  


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