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    Axial Distortion Control System, maximum safety, minimum weight

    di DemoneRosso | 25 September 2020
    #Innovation #Protection

    Since the early 2000s, all Dainese sports boots feature the Axial Distortion Control System, a sophisticated foot and ankle protection system. This junction connects the lower section to the upper part of the boot, the tibia protection. Axial Distortion Control System only allows for movement along the longitudinal axis and prevents any unwanted twisting of joints. Any lateral twisting or hyper-extension is prevented by a system that is more than just a component of the boot, it is a real ankle brace.   



    The lower section and tibia protection are made from a composition of carbon fiber and aramid fiber, for an extremely robust, protective and lightweight boot. The composite shoe hidden inside the upper provides unparalleled safety across the entire inner and outer lateral area of the foot, heel, tibia and calf. The resistance provided by carbon and aramid fiber makes it an exceptional anti-puncture shield against any object that might hit the foot, ankle area or tibia. All in an extremely slim and compact boot to be worn inside the suit. 



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    Axial Distortion Control System, offering maximum protection and control on track and road for 20 years
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