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    The Dainese gift guide – mountain bike helmets, protectors and clothing

    By DemoneRosso | 02 December 2021 | 1 min

    When it comes to choosing a gift for a mountain bike lover, shoppers must navigate their way through a vast range of accessories and possibilities. Here are our tips for picking out a suitable gift that will be both useful and appreciated.    


    The waterproof shell 

    The shell is an essential garment for those who want to enjoy mountain biking all year round. While often left in the closet during short summer rides, it becomes essential during longer days up in the mountains. During the winter it becomes a rider’s most trusted companion, keeping them warm and dry even in the most difficult conditions.  

    There are simple shells and models with padding, to cope with the coldest days, but the essential quality is always that it’s waterproof. The membrane that makes up a shell must be waterproof but breathable, to keep water out but also expel the heat and humidity produced by the body. However, the waterproofing of the membrane is not enough to keep us dry; taping of the seams is also essential, otherwise water will enter through their tiny holes. The garment is completed with a hood, which can be worn over a helmet, pockets and adjustable air vents, to be opened on ascent or when temperatures are milder.  


    Back protector always on 

    For upper body protection, Dainese offers several alternatives. The Trail Skins range offers breathable jerseys that integrate back and chest protectors. The Pro version includes Pro Shape 2.0 protectors on the shoulders, while the Air version is sleeveless, perfect for hot weather riding. In both cases, the garments are created with light and airy fabric to keep perspiration at bay and allow the wearer maximum freedom of movement in every situation. The protectors on the chest and back are removable, to allow for different configurations and more practical washing.   

    Rival Pro Tee takes up the concept of the jersey with built-in protectors, maximizing safety through Level 2 certified protection on the back. There are soft material panels on the Pro Shape 2.0 chest and shoulders, while the Auxagon back protector stands out due to its maximum protective capacity. 


    Knee guards: perfect downhill and uphill  

    It is just as important to protect the knees as it is the upper body. The balance between safety and freedom of movement while pedaling is finally achieved with the Trail Skins range of knee pads. Available in three versions, Pro, Air and Lite, Trail Skins is a protection designed to be comfortable at all times, even during the longest rides. The Pro Shape 2.0 front protector, common to all versions, is inspired by natural auxetic shapes, capable of contracting and expanding in every direction to better trace joint movement. Its structure is 55% perforated, ensuring optimum air flow even at low speeds. 

    For bikers more inclined toward aggressive descents there’s Rival Pro, a knee guard that combines great freedom to pedal with the utmost protection against impacts. Rival Pro has a unique metal plate incorporated into the front protective panel, a solution inspired by MotoGP™ riders’ suits. Together with safety, it offers ventilation and comfort at the highest levels in every situation due to the open structure across 45% of the Pro Shape 2.0 protector’s entire surface. 

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    High-resistance pants 

    Choosing between long or short pants largely depends on the temperature, but is also a matter of personal preference. Unless you are an uncompromising downhill racer, for whom long pants will always win, shorts are the ideal choice in three out of four seasons. But it’s always a good idea to keep a warmer garment in your closet, ready for winter. When heading out in temperatures close to zero, perhaps in the snow, long pants provide greater comfort and safety.  

    Despite what you might think, it should also be borne in mind that long pants are no bother at all when riding. These models are made with extremely light, elastic, breathable, cut- and tear-resistant fabrics, able to follow every movement of the rider.  


    Breathable, tear-resistant jerseys 

    The mountain bike jersey is a simple garment, but it’s essential in terms of distinguishing its wearer. Long sleeve, three-quarter sleeve, or short sleeve, it all comes down to the outdoor temperature, but also personal taste. All Dainese bike jerseys are created with light, elastic materials, leaving the wearer free to express themselves and enjoy total freedom of movement.  

    But lightness isn’t the only thing you need to pay attention to. Abrasion resistance too is key, to provide an extra element of security against scratches and cuts. It’s important that jerseys feature construction with fabrics that can offer the right protection and last a long time. 


    If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a rider, an amateur, or just a mountain bike lover, follow our advice. You’re sure to find the right idea for your special occasion. 


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