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    From the first time between the curbs to motorcycle races

    di DemoneRosso | 22 April 2020

    Anyone who has tried knows it and those who never have tried should know it as well: riding a bike on the track is very different from doing it on the road. And it is not just a matter of speed or path.  

    Gestures, the riding position, the way you make decisions, your hands positioning on the handlebars. Everything changes, and it is important to learn - and have someone to teach you – to pay attention to every single detail to enjoy in freedom and complete safety. 

    We asked Alberto Naska, youtuber and great motorsports fan, to share with us his experience, starting from scratch two years ago, to the participation in minor championships. Here is a video that shows in 10 points what he has learned while riding a bike on the track.


    Naska - The 10 things I've learned ENG
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