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    What it’s for, where it was born and what it’s like

    di DemoneRosso | 08 April 2020
    #Innovation #Performance

    As in any sport, one of the easiest ways to improve your performance is to look at great champions and let them inspire you with their gestures, preparation and technical choices. This is not just a matter of emulating: many solutions that are commonly used today among athletes and enthusiast were initially introduced on World Championship’s bikesSimple adjustments conceived by mechanics that work to provide their rider with the best solution available.  

    An example? The mudguard on the front wheel. About ten years ago, this was not so common on the trails. Nowadays, instead, it is quite surprising to meet a rider not using it. Although mud has always existed.  

    The fender has a dual purpose: it protects your face from water and mud splashes, and helps to preserve stems and dust guards, keeping dirt away and extending their life.  


    Simple and practical 

    The cheapest and most popular version is in plastic with a paddle shapeThere are many producers and thousands of graphics available. This type of mudguard started to become widespread after its first appearance in 2012  specifically at the third round of the World Championship in Fort William, Scotland.  

    Its best quality lies in its simplicityYou can add to your bike something that can really make the difference when riding conditions become hard, spending just a few eurosMounting is easy: four cable ties, two around the stays, two around the fork arches and that is itLightness and minimum overall dimensions make it a fix element: you do not have to take it off when you ride in the dry. 

    parafango_1 parafango_2

    Want to look like a pro? 

    There are some more refined and expensive alternatives, in carbon and with a more embracing shape. These protect better and give a factory look to your bike. This type of fender started to become widespread during most recent races and is very useful, especially when mud turns racing conditions into extremeIt is unusual to see it during a competition when the soil is dry.  


    Taking care of your bike in every detail is a pleasureIf you recently brought a new bike home, either used or the latest model of the year, the fender is one of the first accessories you can get at an affordable cost. Moreover, it provides further room for customization: it is the perfect place for a new sticker


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