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    A unique experience for improving technique and staying safe on any terrain

    By DemoneRosso | 05 February 2021 | 1 min

    Iceland is one of the wildest and most fascinating lands on the entire planet, with its active volcanoes, geysers, glaciers, semidesert wasteland and glacial rivers. It possesses a lunar landscape with no parallel in this world, capable of bewitching and disconcerting at the same time. Here in Iceland, the law of mother nature still holds sway: the elements dictate times and impose order all over. 


    With Expedition Master Iceland, Dainese took a group of enthusiasts to this extreme environment, capable of putting people to the test mentally and physically, as well as their vehicles and all their technical equipment. That’s why, in such a wild and inhospitable land, nothing can be left to chance. The starting point is perfectly operational vehicles, the ending clothing with advanced technological solutions, necessary so that everyone can give their best, even in conditions at the limit such as those encountered in Iceland. 






    The technique to face all circumstances 

    Just as you can’t prepare your bike and clothing on the spur of the moment, training for riders requires special attention. That’s why Expedition Master is more than a journey. Dainese expeditions include theory and practical sessions for improving the participants’ riding technique. 

    Focusing on technique and building skills is essential if you want everyone to be able to have fun in safety, getting the most from their vehicle and pushing their limits further each time. And that holds true not only for beginning enthusiasts, but for more experienced riders as well, because there’s always something to learn or to hone. 

    Dainese’s qualified instructors provide advice tailored to each individual, for every different skill level. You start from the basics, the correct riding position to maintain on the saddle, both when sitting and when standing. An upright position is fundamental in off-road riding, very often neglected by those not used to having dirt under their wheels.




    After taking care of your riding position, you move on to the rudiments of motorcycle control in critical situations. Particular attention is paid to handling body and motorcycle weight in tight spaces, to learn how best to maneuver at all times. Even the most expert riders may find themselves unprepared for particular and unpredictable difficult situations, even at low speeds. A seemingly trivial gesture such as raising the bike after a slide shouldn’t be underestimated. Correct movement is essential for using strength efficiently and averting the risk of muscular pain. 





    Riding lessons in unspoiled nature 


    Along the route of the journey, where beauty follows beauty, there are further learning opportunities. By taking advantage of particular fords, dirt tracks, climbs and descents, participants learn about every stage of riding a maxi enduro in complete safety, from paying attention to trajectory on asphalt to handling braking and acceleration on low-grip surfaces. Today’s bikes offer more and more help to the rider – ABS, traction control, engine mapping designed for different terrain – but nothing can truly replace awareness and confidence in using the controls. Your gaze is also important. It should always be directed as far forward as possible and not fixed a few meters in front of the front wheel. 




    Moving to an even higher level, crossing streams or larger watercourses is a perfect chance to learn how to approach a ford. With motorcycles weighing over two hundred kilos, it’s no joke, so it’s vital to know how to behave in every situation. The Dainese training camp also teaches the correct position and speed to maintain on the bike and how to manage the throttle control.  



    Between dirt tracks, river crossings and winding roads in a lunar environment, Iceland is a unique world context where you can improve your technique and gain familiarity with the bike. With Expedition Master by Dainese, even an inhospitable environment becomes a playground, immense natural expanses where you can demonstrate the full extent of your passion.


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